• Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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    Aha! Hour after hour, day after day, I’ve already heard the hurry footsteps of Thanksgiving and felt the smell of Thanksgiving in the air. No festival is awaited so eagerly or welcomed so warmly as Thanksgiving Day, I guess you-my friends from foreign land, are looking forward to the arrival of that day every moment.

    On the eve of this divine Thanksgiving, I notice that people are still busy in doing the preparation work. Some of them are annoyed by the setting of dinner table. Frankly speaking, decorating a dinner table would be out of the question in common daily life, but on special Thanksgiving Day, you have to pay much attention to these seemingly trivial matters. Have you got an idea about how to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table? If not, the following suggestions may be of some help to you:

    Thanksgiving table clothWhen choosing the table cloth, you should pick up the one that can create an atmosphere of jubilation. In some special occasions like Thanksgiving, you can choose the table cloth with bright color and lively printing. By the way, the color piece area should be controlled to a certain extent or it will usurp the role of the stuffs spreading on it.

    Thanksgiving candlesCandles play an indispensable role in a festival of warmth and romance, just like Thanksgiving Day. Candles of different size, different heights and different colors, constituting a beautiful scenery line of Thanksgiving dinner table.

    Thanksgiving table ornamentsThe beautiful porcelain, crystal cup, archaized plates should be placed at dinner table. To entertain the guests with the best tableware also can be called gratitude. Besides, the leaves, twigs and gourds in your courtyard are very suitable for decoration. The delicate ornaments can let you feel exceptionally warm and comfortable.

    Thanksgiving wine“A feast can not be called a feast without wine”. Port wine should be your favorite. It is the most famous grape wine in Portugal with sweet taste and alcohol degree around 20. If you can not find port wine, champagne is a pretty good substitute.

    Thanksgiving pumpkinPumpkin is the hot topic during festivals in foreign countries. It is a tradition to eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. You can either put a whole pumpkin on the table as ornament or set the pumpkin pie on the plates to serve as food. The shining golden color will absolutely bring you a sense of harvest.

    Thanksgiving turkeyTurkey is the constant centerpiece on thanksgiving dinner table. Have you ever thought about decorating the yummy big turkey? By using apple, grape, cherry you can make a fruit plate, and then put the turkey over it. Fruit matches with turkey, great!

    Thanksgiving cornTo eat the sweet food on this sweet Thanksgiving, I guess you will smile from ear to ear. The bright color will evoke your beautiful mood in an instantly.

    Maybe you have got another good idea about decorating your Thanksgiving dinner table. Why not share with us? And maybe you’ve got another problem about during Thanksgiving preparation or just want to find more information about Thanksgiving, please let me know and I will be always there waiting for you, guys!

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