• 3 Ways to Sync iTunes Music to Android Phone

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    “I am attempting to transfer my music from my iTunes to my micro sd card that is in my Android phone. I am unsure of how to do that and have looked through most of program files for the actual mp3/4 files. Does anyone know how to transfer your music from iTunes to a micro SD card?” —-From Discussions.apple.com

    “I have an iPhone but I’m thinking of changing to Galaxy S4. However, the thing holding me back is I have purchased a mass of songs on iTunes and hope to enjoy them on my new S4. So, is there a way to help me transfer iTunes music to Galaxy S4?”  ——From Ask.com

    Have you ever encountered the headache mentioned above? Actually that’s one of the biggest concern for anyone who transitions from an iPhone to an Android phone. To blow away your headache completely, today I will share with you 3 ways to do the iTunes music to Android transfer easily.

    1. Sync iTunes Music to Android Phone with Double Twist

    Actually there are several third-party programs around allowing you to directly transfer iTunes music to Android. Double Twist is one of them and makes available for free on both Win and Mac platforms. Not only help you transfer iTunes music to Android, it even lets you transfer your playlists and videos from iTunes to your Android phone.

    But one thing should be mentioned is that Double Twist is only designed for Android devices that support USB Mass Storage. For Android devices like Galaxy S3 using Media Transfer Protocol, wireless syncing is a viable solution. And you can seek help from a double Twist add-on app called AirSync to wirelessly transfer music from iTunes to Android. It makes available on Google Play Store for about $5.

    Now follow me to know how to use Double Twist to copy iTunes music to Android phone.

    1. Install and launch Double Twist on your computer.
    doubleTwist for Mac / doubleTwist for Android
    2. Click Library – Import iTunes Playlists to add the playlists in your iTunes library.
    3. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB. Make sure USB Mass Storage mode is enabled on your phone.
    4. Select your Android device under the Devices in the left panel.
    5. Drag and drop the playlist to your Android phone in the panel and start syncing.

    2. Sync iTunes Music to Android Phone with iSyncr

    If Double Twist is far from enough to satisfy your needs, you can go for iSyncr. It works directly with iTunes and syncs your music to your Android phone via USB or Wi-Fi. You can also sync playlists, artwork, ratings, play counts, skip counts, last played date, and last skipped date. The app also allows you to sync music on your Android to your iTunes library.

    Follow the step here to know how to transfer iTunes music to Android.

    1. Download, install and run iSyncr on your Android phone. Download the version for the operating system running on your computer.
    2. Run the iSyncr app on your device. Go to app’s home screen, tap Settings, enable Play Count Logging and Auto Clean Playlists. Then connect the device to computer using a USB cable.
    3. Install the iSyncr on computer. Enable Sync iTunes Album Art and Remember Selected Playlists

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