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    HD video, short for High-definition video, refers to any video system of higher resolution than SD (standard definition) video. And HD videos most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280*720 pixels (720p) or 1920 *1080 pixels (1080i/1080p).

    The main objective of HD videos is to provide a much finer display than SD. This is comparable to digital cameras and the need for a greater megapixel count to produce better images.

    However, the difference between HD and SD might not be very noticeable when dealing with smaller displays on smaller screens. What’s more, HD camcorder recorded videos can’t be edited in Windows Movie Maker, which is widely used nowadays in movie editing. And also, HD camcorder recorded videos are not supported by portable devices, discouraging those video fans as for enjoying videos at all time and places on their gadgets.

    Therefore, HD video is better while SD video is also not too bad and it sometimes helps a lot. When there is a necessity of converting HD to SD video for video editing or video playback on portable devices, video converter is indispensable.

    Of course, there are multiple of video converters on market for converting videos among different formats, yet very few can powerfully support HD videos with 720p, 1080p or above. So, most video converters available on market can’t meet the demand of HD to SD conversion.

    Then Leawo Video Converter stands out with perfect HD to SD video conversion. This all-in-one video converter flawlessly supports all popular formats, including MOD/TOD and AVCHD videos from camcorder devices, MTS/M2TS videos from Blu-ray disc. This powerful video converter can ensure a smooth HD video conversion with excellent synchronization of audio and video, no image distortion or grains upon output.

    Well, have a closer look at the output video converted from HD video with Leawo Video Converter:

    Fairly well satisfied with the output video quality? Take Leawo Video Converter and have a try, enjoying your video life to your heart.

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