• Hot 2010 World Cup, Cool HD Video Experience (Part 5): Burn World Cup 2010 HD Videos to DVD

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    Recording HD videos for World Cup 2010 will occupy much more hard disk space than you may think, and no one would like to be interrupted by the insufficient hard disk space prompt. A pragmatic solution is to burn the World Cup 2010 HD videos to DVD-R discs, either for archive purpose or replay with a DVD player. What you need for the solution is a good tool which will do the HD video to DVD conversion in an intuitive course and keep the most of the original image quality. Since not many DVD burner software have full support for HD video formats while are still easy enough for novice users to operate, Leawo DVD Creator should be your best choice.

    Leawo DVD Creator is not only an HD video to DVD converter but also a fully capable DVD burner. Follow me to learn how to burn a collection of World Cup 2010 HD videos to DVD with Leawo DVD Creator.

    Download Leawo DVD Creator.

    Click "Start Menu" in your Windows OS, navigate to "All programs -> Leawo -> DVD Creator" and click the program shortcut.

    Use the file browser to open the file folder for the World Cup 2010 HD recordings. Select them all and drag into the program interface.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    If you want to make an ordered archive for the HD recordings, you can click the "MoveUp" or "MoveDown" button to swap the position between two recording clips.

    If you tend to prune the recordings, you can click "Customize" button to enable video edit functions. You can raise the value for video brightness and contrast, trim the length of poor recordings, crop for best display size and tack a watermark on the recordings.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Choose "Football Games" menu template to create a World Cup themed DVD menu. Click "Menu" button and you can change the menu background for your favorite World Cup 2010 picture to increase personal sense.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Choose the profile that matches the display mode and aspect ratio of the view screen.

    burn world cup 2010 hd to dvd

    Click the red round button at the bottom right to start burning the World Cup 2010 HD recordings to DVD.

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