• A Hollywood Goddess — Elizabeth Taylor Dies

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    On March 23rd, Wednesday, Elizabeth Taylor, a talented Hollywood actress who is the synonym of beauty, glamour, and sensuality died at the age of 79 in Los Angeles.

    For cinemagoers, they were not only marled at Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning beauty, but also her exquisite performance, she is good at portraying different kind of characters. That’ why she won Oscar Awards as Best Actress twice in her acting career, one for her performances as a call girl in “Butterfield 8”, the other is Martha in “ Who’s afraid of Virginia wolf?”

    Her personal life is just as dramatic and spicy as the movie characters she played. Her countless love affairs, marriages, divorces constantly exposed her to the public by paparazzi. Do not consider her as a flirt, she is just that kind of person who is born for love, always courageous to love, to make commitment and to let go.

    Taylor is famous not just for her acting and complicated emotional life, but also for her philanthropy. In her late years, she helped establish the American Foundation for AIDS research and helped raise money for it. Her fame and reputation were used to help a cause for other people.

    To commemorate her, I made a video about her, it’s quite simple, firstly, i selected some gorgeous pictures of her and the background music, then I made a PPT with these materials and added my comments. In the end I just converted the PPT to a video, although this video was not skillfully made, yet at least I tried my best to preserve the beautiful memories she left for us.

    Now god has another beautiful angel to accompany him, and this angle will live in the memories of hundreds and thousands movie fans forever!

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