• How to Convert Halloween Movies to iPad?

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    Halloween draws closer and closer, people get to think about their Halloween activities. While costume party has been considered as the traditional activity of Halloween, nowadays many people tend to stay in and get haunted by the horrible movies from TV, or increasingly , from the computer monitor.

    iPad is undoubtedly a good choice for the Halloween movie enjoyment with its 9.7-inch high-resolution screen. However, there is a problem regarding the video format compatibility. When some movies are downloaded and added to iPad, a message will appear to say that the movies cannot be read. So, the problem is essentially how to convert Halloween movies to iPad.

    Luckily, there are multiple iPad video converters to solve this problem and Leawo iPad Video Converter is an outstanding one among them. Leawo iPad Video Converter is an almighty iPad converting software that helps you to convert Halloween movies to MP4 or H.264 workable to iPad.

    How to convert Halloween movies to iPad with Leawo iPad Converter?

    Step 1: Download and install Leawo iPad Converter.

    Download and install Leawo iPad Video Converter to your system, if you are using Mac, then you need Leawo Mac iPad Converter.

    Step 2: Add Halloween movies to be converted.

    Click “Add Video” to import your Halloween movies. This will take little time which depends on the contents of your Halloween movies.

    Step 3: Set output format.

    Select the right output format for iPad from the drop-down list of “Profile”. There is also “settings” in light of your needs to modify some video parameters like video and audio codec, frame rate and bit rate. And below is the Settings interface.

    Step 4: Select destination folder.

    Choose a folder or create a new one in “Output” to save the converted iPad video files.

    Step 5: Convert Halloween movies to iPad.

    Click the big convert button to start converting Halloween movies to iPad.

    Well, now you can sync the converted Halloween movies to iPad using iTunes and play them on iPad anywhere.

    Besides, there are also several other practical features which may help a lot. You can convert any segment of the Halloween movie just by setting the Start and End time or dragging the left and right sliders; resize the video size to fit the iPad display screen well; adjust the video effect or add logo or text watermark to the video. Furthermore, you have access to extract audio and images from the Halloween movies for personal purpose.

    OK, everything is done and you can enjoy the Halloween movies to your heart now. Have fun!

  • Cool Halloween Costume Ideas – Make Your Own Halloween Costumes

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    Halloween has gained more and more popularity over the years, and the most obvious fun of Halloween is dressing up in Halloween costumes.

    Of course, you can go shopping for your favorite Halloween costumes with an amount of dollars. However, if you are on a temporarily tight budget and still want to have fun of Halloween costumes, then making your own Halloween costumes is definitely a wise choice.

    Here we have some suggestions on making your own Halloween costumes without spending a whole lot of money.

    1.A dice

    You can make a dice as your Halloween costume: wear a box, paint it white and then put black dots on it.

    2. A devil

    Devil Halloween costume: wear all red and get the horns.


    Paint a black eye, and wear a bathrobe.


    Part your hair to one side with the comb, and tuck your pants into your socks and your shirt into your pants, then wear glasses and those fake teeth from vending machines.


    Take an unused white sheet, bleach one if you have to, then cut out eyes and a mouth on it, wear it and…

    6.Mother nature

    Just take a plain dress or an ole blouse and skirt, then glue/iron on or pin fake flowers onto the dress. Of course, you can also use ivy if you like, and you can wrap it around one leg or your waist. Besides, you can easily make a tiara out of fake flowers. Light colored make-up and glitter/sparkles will add a nice touch.

    7. Maybe the simplest way to make Halloween costumes is to dress like someone you hate. Wahaha… Surely, you can also dress as a pop star. Here is a video on how Lady Gaga thinks you should dress as her for Halloween:

    There are also some more complicated steps for Halloween costumes, just like this one:

    Dress like half-angel half-devil for the Halloween costume party.

    You need angel wings, a devil tail, red horns and a halo leaning off on one horn.

    Horns and halo: Get red construction paper and make a cone. Then get glow in the dark paper for the halo, make a cylinder that gets a little smaller at the top and tape it all the way down, cut it in strips and put them smallest to largest inside each other and tape it to one horn.

    Angel wings: Get some white features and white construction paper or cardboard. Glue the features on starting from the inside closest to the body to the tips.

    Devil tail: The same as wings. Cut the shape into cardboard and just paint it red

    Done! Wear red pants and white shirt, maybe get red elf shoes!

    OK, you may have got an idea for making your own Halloween costumes in your mind now. Then just get started, maybe your Halloween costume will be the cheapest but most creative this year!

    Making Halloween costumes is a joyful process, so how about recording it with your camera? Then you can upload the recorded videos and share your happiness over the internet or burn them to DVD for permanent memory. Or, just record some videos of sharing some Halloween costume ideas for the whole family, the pets, even the yard, the garden…like Lady Gaga showing her idea in the video, then share and enjoy.

    As we all know, there are always video format discrepancies as for recorded video playing and uploading. Well, here we recommend some useful tools for you:

    Leawo MTS/M2TS Converter – Convert MTS and M2TS videos to various formats, including AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, RMVB and much more.

    Leawo AVCHD Converter – Convert videos to various formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MPG, MOV, FLV, etc.

    Leawo MOD Converter – Convert videos to different formats for utilizing videos recorded by JVC camcorders in many occasions.

    If you want to burn your converted videos to DVD, Leawo DVD Creator is absolutely a great help.

    OK, everyone, hope our suggestions will help you a lot, and you can also share your own Halloween costume ideas here. LOL LOL…

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  • Get Haunted With the Top 10 Horror Halloween Movies

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    One after another Halloween of the past, 2010 Halloween is coming. Only 11 more days and before long children will trick-or-treat in their Halloween costumes. As for adults, attending Halloween parties and going to haunted houses may be much more popular. And for those who are not in the mood for going out, watching some horror Halloween movies is also a good choice.

    Here we provide our top 10 scary Halloween movies list for your Halloween enjoyment. Of course, you can top them off with some pizza, good beer and friends, or, just turn off your lights and hold on tight, shivering on this Halloween with these horror Halloween movies! ARE-YOU-READY?

    The Exorcist

    The Exorcist is considered to be the most bloodcurdling movie with the brutal depiction of a 12-year-old girl possessed by an evil spirits as the exorcist tries to save her.


    A deadly Halloween night falls down, a former child murderer escapes from the mental hospital and returns to his small hometown to terrorize a babysitter, and, then, soon, her friends start disappearing one by one…

    The Shining

    Jack Nicholson and his family have moved in an isolated hotel as caretakers for the winter. A ghostly encounter with a former hotel custodian who murdered his wife and two daughters follows…


    A suburban family is troubled by ghosts who play odd tricks on them and soon the events build up to a frightening climax when the ghosts kidnap the youngest daughter.


    Have an eerie look at what happens when a space crew stumbles upon an unknown planet and finds alien eggs.

    Night of the Living Dead

    This is a black-and-white film: a group of people hide in a farmhouse, trying to avoid being killed by the dead who have come back to life…

    The Stuff

    This is a not so scary horror movie in hilarious atmosphere: two gentlemen decide to make ice cream from a kind of tasty ooze and the only drawback is that it turns people into zombie-like creatures.

    Dead Snow

    A group of students go to a remote location, only to find themselves being hunted down by a sinister evil…

    Toxic Zombies

    A group of hippies accidentally get sprayed and turn into hippy zombies, roaming around the forest attacking unsuspecting campers…

    The Thing

    Scientists in Antarctica find an alien life form that can take the shape of anything it kills. While trying to find out which one of them the alien has taken over, they find themselves turning against each other.

    Aha, love all these frightfully horrific Halloween movies? Want to have a thrilling enjoyment of them without time and place restrictions? Well, why not move all these top 10 Halloween movies to your mobile device? Come on:

    If you want to download these Halloween movies for mobile enjoyment, then Leawo MP4 Converter comes as your best choice with its built-in YouTube Downloader.

    If you already have a collection of Halloween movies on your PC, then you just need to convert them with Leawo MP4 Converter to MP4 format for playback on mobile devices.

    If you have DVD discs of these Halloween movies, then you need a powerful DVD to MP4 Converter like Leawo DVD to MP4 Converter to manage the whole matter.

    And, another gift from Leawo for you: Leawo MP4 Converter is on Giveaway for you now, OK, the last day of this Giveaway, hurry and join us on Facebook to get your own key code. Countdown starts!

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  • 20 Halloween iPhone Apps to Get You into Halloween Mood on iPhone

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    It’s time of year again when ghosts and goblins come in, pumpkins get faces and exciting costume parties comes… Ah, yeah, it will soon be Halloween time; Halloween is just around the corner!

    I have to admit that Halloween is a thrilling festival which comes as my favorite. Knocking on the neighbor’s doors, taking part in costume party, or just watching some hair-raising movies…We just have to say that Halloween is about more than having an exciting time.

    Well, at the time of Halloween celebration, why not bring the Halloween mood to your iPhone? Then here are 20 Halloween iPhone apps for you to have Halloween fun with iPhone.

    1. Halloween Countdown

    You can see how many days to Halloween accompanying the haunting background music. And an animated skull shows on your iPhone screen will get bigger and bigger as the Halloween day approaches. There are also 5 musical soundtracks for your choice and you can also choose music from your own store

    2. reMovem Halloween

    This is Halloween edition of the original game. There are colored ball filled with scary pictures and ghostly figures. Tap the balls to get scores. And the more balls in one tap the higher the score is. You can play this game with spooky sound effects and unlocking achievements.

    3. Frootrees Halloween

    Pick the ghostly characters from the tree and put them in their correct crate. This is definitely new game experience with new are and soundtrack.

    4. Halloween Wallpaper HQ

    Select Halloween wallpaper from the great selection to decorate your iPhone in Halloween style.

    5. Halloween Wordseardch

    It is a puzzle game to find the scary Halloween words and spooky sayings. Just tap and slide your fingers along the words you find. And a variety of themed backgrounds are available.

    6. Toddler Time

    This is an educational app with 40+ Halloween themed pictures to view and spoken. You will see monsters and bats. Tap on the monsters then it will describe it with scary sounds.

    7. Pumpkin Maker

    It is totally free. You can create and design your own pumpkins to make it as scary as possible. Then you can email or post your “carvation” to facebook. And this free version includes a sampling of pumpkin making items. If you want to use all of the items, you can go to the Supply Store inside Pumpkin Maker and purchase the Master Pumpkin Maker pack.

    8. Zombie Me

    With this app, you can make your own pictures into zombies by adding lots of scary features to your faces like changing your mouth and eyes or adding gory words. Then you can save your masterpiece to your own library.

    9. Cookie Doodle

    There are cookie dough choices and 25 different frostings for you to cerate your own little cookies. And then you can use the toppings to decorate your scary pumpkins.

    10.  iSoundlike Halloween

    It is a frightening collection of Halloween sound effects. With a tap of the screen you can trigger one of the 16 spooky and scary Halloween sounds to entertain your family and friends.

    11.  Scary Piano Free

    This app is for you to play piano with scary guy laughing voice effect. This is a free and spooky gadget to carry with you at Halloween party.

    12.  Halloween Postage

    You can dress your photos up with Halloween costumes with this app. You can also add your owns words to the photo and then share the decorated photos via email or facebook or even send them as MMS.

    13.  Halloween +

    This is a Halloween countdown app including several features such as scary sounds, wallpaper images, ringtones, trivia, costume ideas and a Halloween flashlight.

    14.  Halloween Chicktionary

    This is a Halloween word game. You are to create words with the letters the hens show and the more you create the higher your point is. There are 300 fun puzzles and lots of Halloween scenery available.

    15.  True Ghost Stories From Around The World

    True ghost stories and photos from the world are available with new stories added everyday and you can also add your own stories as well.

    16.  Halloween Scary Sounds

    There are 16 different sounds in Halloween soundboard for your iPhone or iPod touch. Click any of the 16 icons to play a scary sound. You can use it to scare your children or annoy your co-workers

    17.  Ghost Capture

    You can super impose a ghost image on to your own photo and a large collection of images for you to choose from, ranging from children to ghost orbs.

    18.  Mystery Mania

    In this game, you will direct a robot around a mansion to solve puzzles. There are 27 rooms to have adventure and you will meet different characters along the way.

    19.  All-In-1 ZoombieBox

    This is an app with 10 zombie apps for the price of one, including zombie games, a zombie animated head, survival tips for surviving a zombie attack, a kart racing zombie and much more.

    20.  Wordsearch Halloween

    This is a Halloween themed wordsearch with 3 word categories. 150 words are available and you can also get hints for the game.

    I bet these 20 cool iPhone Halloween apps will entertain you to your heart and get you into the spirit of things. Well, there are other two useful tools for you to make your iPhone more Halloween by watching everything about Halloween on your iPhone! Guess what? iPhone Converter and DVD to iPhone Converter! With these two apps for iPhone, you can “feed” your iPhone with all the videos you like. Well, just for more fun on Halloween. And have a happy Halloween with the best wishes from Leawo Software!

  • Free Download Halloween Wallpapers to Make Your PC More Halloween

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    Looking forward to the coming mysterious festival? Already excited at thinking of symbols like “Jack o’ Lanterns”, skeleton, pumpkins and activities like bonfire, costume party, and “trick-or-treats”, huh? Yeah, it is the “spooky” time of the year again, it is Halloween time!

    Every festive season, Leawo Software will provide related wallpapers to spice and refresh your desktop. We did that for Halloween, we did the same thing For Christmas and this time around – 2010 Halloween is no exception. Wanna a Halloween mode for your PC? Then why not decorate the desktop with some awesome wallpapers? Here is a new collection of amazing 2010 Halloween Wallpapers for you to make your PC more Halloween. Nothing over the top, just something simple yet for your fun.

    Here we divide the wallpapers into three groups: Most Spooky, Relatively Equable and Totally Lovely for your choice.

    All available in 800×600, 1024×768:

    Most Spooky

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 1.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 2.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 3.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 4.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 5.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 6.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 7.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 8.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 9.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 10.


    Relatively Equable

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 1.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 2.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 3.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 4.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 5.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 6.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 7.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 8.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 9.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 10.


    Totally Lovely

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 1.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 2.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 3.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 4.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 5.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 6.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 7.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 8.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 9.

    Halloween desktop wallpaper 10.

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