• iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode, How to Fix?

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    “As the title says my iphone 5 is stuck in headphone mode, there are no headphones in it but the phone thinks that there is. Any ideas? I’ve tried plugging in headphones and taking them out and it did nothing as well as turning the phone on and off. It just randomly happened today, I haven’t had headphones in for over a week and it wasn’t like this earlier.”

    When iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, it will prevent users from hearing the sound. Also iPhone will act like headphones are plugged in. It is quite frustrating if your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, but there are five methods that you can take advantage of to fix the issue.

    Method 1. Clean the Headphone Jack

    The first way is to clean your headphone jack when your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode. You can use a toothpick or q-tip to remove the dust or dirt from the headphone jack. And, please be careful to do this.

    Method 2. Unplug and Plug the Headphones Several Times

    Maybe your iPhone hasn’t completely recognized that your headphone was disconnected if your iPhone stuck in headphone mode. The easiest way that most people did the trick is to insert and remove the headphones several times (at least 7-8 times). The method is easy-to-do but useful for soloving the issue.

    Method 3. Dry your iPhone When Water Damaged

    If your iPhone was water immersed, you should make sure whether your iPhone headset jack is fully dried. You can use the hair dryer to blow into the headphone port and lock the phone for a while.

    Method 4. Restart your iPhone

    Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds till the white apple logo appears. Keep pressing till the screen goes black. Then press the same button with the same way to turn on your iPhone again.

    Method 5. Modify iPhone Settings

    You can go to iPhone Settings>General>Accessibility>Incoming Calls (Call Audio Routing in iOS 10/9.3/9/8 devices like iPhone SE/6s/6, iPhone 6s/6 plus, etc.). And change the Incoming Calls (Call Audio Routing) to Automatic or Speaker. Then you need to go back to your home screen and toggle the volume up/down buttons. Open iPhone Settings again and change the Incoming Calls (Call Audio Routing) to Headset.

    Tip: If you lost or delete some data by accident during the process of fixing iPhone stuck in headphone mode, you can recover them with the iPhone data recovery software.

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