• How to Create Invisible Hyperlinks on a Picture in PowerPoint 2007

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    When talking about hyperlinks in PowerPoint, you would first think of adding hyperlink to certain text. Here we would like to tell you an easy and useful method to create hyperlinks on a picture using PowerPoint 2007. This would be quite suitable for an introductive PowerPoint presentation and you can use a picture as the main menu.

    Suppose we are going to make a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the 6 main characters in the famous TV show Friends, and we find this picture as the main menu.

    Now using invisible hyperlinks, we will make the picture as a menu so that you can click on person and jump to the specific slide about him.

    Step 1: Launch PowerPoint 2007 and create a blank slide. Insert the picture and resize it to your needs. Then create 6 more slides and name each the name of the 6 characters.

    Step 2: Insert “Action Buttons”. In the “Insert” tab, “Illustrations” section, find the “Shapes”. Choose the “Action Button: Custom” which is the first selection in the top row.

    Step 3: Drag your mouse and draw a rectangle to cover one person (for example: Monica).

    Step 4: The “Action Settings” window will pop up, or you can click the “Action” button which is next to “Hyperlink” button to open the window.

    In the “Hyperlink to:” section choose “Slide…”.

    When you click on “Slide …”, a window pops up to allow you to select the slide that you want to hyperlink to.

    Step 5: Till now, the action button we draw will cover Monica’s head. Next, let’s make it invisible! Right click on the action button and choose “Format Shape”.

    In the pop up “Format Shape” window, choose “No fill” in both “Fill” and “Line Color” sections. Then click “Close”, the action button is invisible and you can see the Monica’s head now.

    Step 6: Now create an invisible button on the “Monica” slide so we can jump back to the Main Menu.

    Step 7: Repeat the above steps and create invisible buttons for the other 5 people.

    Tips: You can Copy and Paste to create the action buttons for jump back to the first slide.


    When you play the PowerPoint presentation, remember where the invisible hyperlinks are and click on the right location.

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