• The Best Video Formats for Uploading to YouTube

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    It is a very basic and important thing for all the video fans to know: how to upload your own video to YouTube and what kind of video format does it accept? If you are going to share a video with the world on YouTube.

    1. How to upload your own video to YouTube?

    Make sure you have membership access to YouTube. Click “Sign in” to log in with either YouTube ID or Google ID. If you don’t have any, please click “Create Account” to register.

    Once your registration is successful, please follow the instructions afterwards. With the access to your YouTube account, you can 1. upload and share your own videos with the world; 2. comment on, rate, and make video responses to your favorite videos; 3. build playlists of favorites to watch later.

    2. What is the best video format for uploading to YouTube?

    It’s time to do something to your videos now. YouTube can accept almost any video format for upload, but for best results, please make sure the videos you are going to upload meet the following standards:

    Have fun broadcasting yourself on YouTube!

    3. In reverse, how to download a video from YouTube?

    Instead of uploading a video to YouTube, download one may need the help from certain program. Something called YouTube Downloader. It can play the YouTube vidoes right in the program with high speed, download them to your local computer, and convert them( if necessary) to other video formats for playback on various portable devices.

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