How to convert MP4 to MOV with Leawo Video Converter?

It is simple to learn how to convert MP4 to MOV videos with Leawo MP4 to MOV Converter. As a professional MP4 to MOV Converter, Leawo Video Converter is easy and fast in the process to convert MP4 to MOV, it is the best MP4 to MOV Video Converter. As to increase flexibility and efficiency, it has also provided extensive features like video editing and multiple tasking.

Leawo Video Converter is a totally clean and safe program which is available on its product page. After download and installation, follow the steps below can you convert MP4 to MOV videos easy and fast.

First of all, free download Leawo Video Converter. It is clean and safe. It has an excellent compatibility with NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.

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Load the MP4 videos

Leawo MP4 to MOV Video Converter offers you a good efficient way to import video files, i.e. by dragging them in directly. It is important to do the preparation carefully; otherwise you would waste your time and energy. You can double click the file name to get a preview or change the list order.

Deal with the settings needed

Leawo MP4 to MOV Video Converter optimizes every profile based on actual performance. It is the most reliable way to get your desired output.
Under the profile box are two simple quality switches for video and audio. For advanced codec settings, just click through Settings button. You can save any changes to the previous profile as a new profile.

Customize your video with powerful edit features

Leawo MP4 to MOV Video Converter offer lightweight but efficient video editing features for video customizations. Click the Edit button or Edit icon to access to the video editing panel.

  • The Trim feature is to give your video a clear cut with a high precision of millisecond, if you only want to output part of the video.
  • The Crop feature is simple and accurate in getting rid of the black margins to enhance the visibility.
  • In the Effect feature, you adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and the audio volume of the video. You can have a preview of your modifications on the right window.
  • In the Watermark feature, you can apply an image above the video layer or a string of text on the video surface.

Smoothly start the conversion

There are some helpful advices that you may wish to use in this MP4 to MOV Video Converter.

  • Navigate to "Options-Preferences" to increase the number of Max Process. This will enable you to control performance of your computer and video conversion progress via CPU multi-core setting and save your time by CUDA accelerating.
  • You can instruct Leawo MP4 to MOV Video Converter to either "Open the output folder" or "Shut down computer" automatically after the video conversion.

Extended Knowledge

MP4 is short for Moving Picture Expert Group-4. MP4 is also known as MPEG-4 AVC, or advanced video coding. This new technology is going to make video files decrease in size so that they are easier to work with and support. What used to be massive video files of motion and audio are now compressed versions of the same material, called MP4s.
MOV video file is common multimedia format often used for saving movies and other video files, uses a proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple Computer, compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The format specifies a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text (e.g. for subtitles).

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