How to Transfer Music and Videos between iPod, iPhone and iPad?

Have you ever thought about realizing data sharing among iPod, iPhone and iPad? Purchasing multimedia files and transfer them to iPod/iPhone/iPad respectively will cost you a lot. If there is a program that can achieve mutual transferring among iPod, iPhone and iPad, it would be fascinating. Leawo iTransfer which is the combination of an iPod Transfer, iPhone Transfer and iPad Transfer is just what you are looking for. What it can do for you: transfer from iPod to iPad, iPod to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, iPhone to iPod, iPad to iPhone and iPad to iPod.

Download Leawo iTransfer and start to transfer among iPod, iPhone and iPad. Just follow the simple guide below and start the transferring process.

Full Guide

Connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad with PC

You should connect your iOS devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad with your computer. The iOS device information will be checked and read by the program. And you can also open each iOS device and get access to the detailed information on each device.

Select music and video for transferring

There are three ways prepared for you to select the files necessary. With this program you can achieve what an iPod Transfer can do: transfer iPod to iPhone, iPod to iPad, realize what an iPhone Transfer can do: shift iPhone to iPod, iPhone to iPad, and fulfill what an iPad Transfer can do: copy iPad to iPod, iPad to iPhone.

Open the iOS device and choose the wanted ones for transferring via the three methods:
a. AutoFilter: you can set in the AutoFilter that the files are not in your device so you can avoid the trouble of transferring the same files to another device the second time.
b. Show as list & Show as cover: these two file showing ways are prepared for your preference. You can search files accurately based on the file elements such as Album, Artist, Genre and Composer.
Manual Filter: you can choose one of the file types (All, Name, Artist, Album, Composer). Insert keywords to the searching box, and you can get the real-time selected files.

Transfer among iPod, iPhone and iPad

Since you have picked up the wanted files, you can start to transfer files to the target device. There ways are available: a. Direct drag-and-drop: directly drag the files you have picked up and drop to your iOS device. b. Right click: by right clicking on the selected files you can finish to "Transfer to" your iPod/iPhone/iPad. c. Transfer button: one click on the big Transfer button and in the pop-up window, choose to transfer to your device in "Transfer to list".

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