How to Reduce SWF Filesize by Optimizing the Source Code

No matter it is your personal interest or just do for a living, many people nowadays are engaged in the Flash creation field. Adobe has the best Flash technology and provides professional Flash tools such as Adobe Flash, Flash Builder and Flex. The output Flash files are usually in SWF format, which is much smaller than other video formats like MP4, FLV, and that’s why it becomes so popular on websites.

Flash SWF files are widely used as Flash games, Flash banner and Flash ads, which could be annoying if it loads too slowly. Due to different network conditions, the best way to ensure good user experience is to reduce the SWF filesize. It is better if you can consider this during the Flash SWF creation process, like using smaller picture, video and music files.

But what if you have already finished the SWF files? Then this SWF Compressor for Mac will help you. It will compress your SWF files in source code level, reduce SWF file size up to 70% depending on the file properties. Follow the guide below and learn how to reduce SWF filesize by optimizing the source code.

Full Guide

Import SWF files.

Run the program, click “Add” button or drag and drop the SWF files to this Flash SWF compressor.

Default SWF compression settings.

For beginners, Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac has 6 default optiomzation settings for you: Best, Good, Basic, Medium, Sprite and Custom. Simply select one compression setting and you can optimize your Flash SWF file with ease.

Advanced SWF compression settings.

For advanced users, you can you can customize every SWF parameter setting, just press the “Show More Options” button and you will be able to choose more profound settings up to your needs. Detailed SWF parameters are separated into 5 groups: image, shape, video, audio and font.

Compress SWF files.

After all settings are applied, press “Compress” button to start optimizing SWF file for smaller size.

1. This program supports batch processing so you can import multiple SWF files and compress them all with one click.

2. Like any other compression, it is inevitablet that the output compressed SWF files will have quality loss. So compress SWF files only when it is really necessary.

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