How to Compress Flash Ads on Mac

While the Internet is flooded with all kinds of free software, information and services, all kinds of ads are booming on the webpages too. In fact, for many websites, ads are their main income source. And among the entire medium to carry ads, Flash ads is the most popular one for it allows businessmen to add animated effects in quite a small file size. While publishers usually limit the initial load of Flash ads to 30k or 40k, to ensure a fast load speed for end users, it is necessary for you to compress your Flash ads to meet the requirement before publishing.

Compressing SWF files to its minimal size using Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac is easy. This program is a powerful and easy-to-use Flash ads compressor, which helps you to compress your SWF files with high quality, reduce SWF file size up to 70% depending on the file properties.

Full Guide

Import SWF files.

Run the program, click “Add” button or drag and drop the SWF files into the Flash SWF optimizer.

Select compression setting for SWF files.

For your convenience Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac provides selection of predefined optimization settings: Best, Good, Basic, Medium, Sprite and Custom. Just select one of them and you are ready to start optimizing.

Advanced SWF compression settings.

If you want, you can customize every SWF parameter setting, just press the “Show More Options” button and you will be able to choose more profound settings up to your needs. Detailed SWF parameters are separated into 5 groups: image, shape, video, audio and font. You may get to know the meaning of each parameter in the user guide of SWF Compressor for Mac.

Compress SWF files.

After all settings are applied, press “Compress” button to start SWF compression process.

1. This program supports batch processing so you can import multiple SWF files and compress them all with one click.

2. Like any other compression, it is inevitablet that the output compressed SWF files will have quality loss. So compress SWF files only when it is really necessary.

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