Leawo YouTube Downloader Getting Started

Leawo YouTube Downloader is an effective online video downloading tool that can help you fast download YouTube videos and other online videos. It can also work as a YouTube converter to convert YouTube videos to other formats and an FLV player to play flash videos.


Top Menu Introduction

Click Languages button and you will see 5 program interface languages in the drop-down list, they are English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. You can just select one according to your needs.


Click Menu button, a panel will pop up and you can set Shutdown computer after finish; click Settings to carry out advanced program settings; click Update to update Leawo YouTube Downloader to new version; click Support Forum to visit Leawo YouTube Downloader support forum online; connect the internet and click Upgrade to register Leawo YouTube Downloader with serial number; click About Leawo to know more information about this product and Leawo; click Exit to directly exist the program.


Click Menu> Settings or directly click settings-button button to do detailed program settings. Under General, you can feel free to set the Download Max Task from 1 to 5, the Retry Count, and the Interval Time. This YouTube Downloader enables you to preview FLV videos with built-in player, so you can also adjust the Play Volume, check or uncheck Keep Video Aspect as you like. As for Home Page, you can also set home page address by clicking Use Current, Use Default, or Use Blank. In Misc section, you can also check or uncheck Start up with computer, Show hover window on program startup, Error message would show when conversion failed at your will.


Under Auto Recording, you are able to do Auto Download settings, and it is up to you to type a new File Name or check Use default file name prior. The output file folder is available for chosen also. You are able to adjust the Thread Num from 1 to 5, input Note or not at your will.

settings-auto recording

Under Connection Sound, you can click Use Proxy, and input Proxy Address, port, Proxy Type, User Name, and Password. In Sound, select Download Success folder or Download Fail folder according to your needs. You can also check Prompt windows shows when exit the program in Other settings part.


register-button: Press this button to activate Leawo YouTube Downloader with registration code.

start-acceleration-button: Click this button to start video acceleration or not.

help-button: Press this button to get in to Leawo YouTube Downloader User Guide center online.

minimize-to-tray: Press this to minimize the program to tray.

program-interfece-size: Press this button to adjust program interface size.

close-program-interface: Press this button to close program interface.

Launch the Program

When you have downloaded and installed this Leawo YouTube Downloader, you can find a Leawo YouTube Downloader icon in the desktop. Click the icon to start the software.


You can click browse-button on program toolbar to get into browse panel, click video-button to enter into Video panel and click convert-button to visit Convert panel. Under Browse, you can perform below operations:

new-tab-button: Create a new tab via clicking this button or use Ctrl + T to do so.

forward-backward: Click this to go forward one page or go back one page.

video-sites-button: Click this button to visit default home page.

show-favourites-list-button: Click this icon to show favorites list.

add-to-favourite: Click this button to add site to favorites.

reload-current-page-option: Click this icon to reload current page or type Ctrl + R to do so.

stop-loading-this-page-button: Click this button to stop loading current page.

online-sites-chosen: Open the drop-down list and select one video site from Google, YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, and MegaVideo. Then type keyword in video-search-bar to search the target video.

Find Videos

You can simply open IE/Foxfire/Chrome to browse the video you want to download. And there are two ways for you to find online videos:

1. Copy and paste online video URL to the address bar to locate the target video.

2. Type a keyword to search the related videos on Google, YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, AOL and MegaVideo thru the search box besides the address bar.


Play Videos

You can easily navigate into video playback page with the help of IE browser, choose your target video to play and you can enjoy the fast video loading speed and playback.

Tips: 1. A dialogue box will occur from the bottom right of the screen: You can just click Save As to download the video now or click Close to close this pop-up mini-window.

2. The videos browsed will be listed on the sidebar located on the very left. You can simply check them to download to category or folder via download-to-category-or-folder-button button.

Download Video

Click Save As to get into Convert Settings panel as below:


You can simply check Original format to download videos if you like or check the option beneath Original format to select other format in frame for downloading and conversion. Click Settings button to adjust video or audio parameters include video or audio codec, video or audio quality, video or audio bit rate, video size, frame rate, etc. For more convenience, you can also set video or audio quality as Medium, Low, High, Custom. In this step, you can also choose a proper destination for output file in Folder. Click big-convert-button Button to start the video downloading and converting.

Manage Videos

Click “Video” tab to enter into the Video Manager interface, the video you have played in its Browse panel will be presented on the left list. They are listed in either by time or by category.


1. Select one file to watch in the built-in FLV player on the right part, its info including video title, file size, URL and length are all visible. During video preview:

play-button: Click this button to start video playback.

start-or-pause-button: Click this button to pause video preview.

stop-button: Click this button to stop video playback.

volume-button: Click this button to adjust video volume.

full-screen-button: Click this button enjoy full screen video playback.

2. You can also right click the file to delete, select all, move to other categories, rename, convert, browse website or check properties.


3. You can click one or more files and click delete-button to delete selected files or convert the file to other formats via little-convert-button button. You can also click burn-button to burn video to disc via invoking DVD or Blu-ray Creator.

Convert Videos

After clicking big-convert-button button, the Convert panel will show up.


You can get to know the downloading and converting status, and during the process, you are allowed to click stop-accelerator or stop-all-accelerator to stop accelerator or stop all accelerator. You can also carry out the after-done tasks:

delete-button: This icon allows you to delete selected files.

little-convert-button: This icon allows you to convert file to other format.

burn-button: This icon allows you to burn video to disc (Leawo DVD Creator, Leawo Blu-ray Creator will be invoked).

play: This icon enables you to play file with your default system media player.

open-folder: Click this button to open folder for the downloaded videos.

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