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You have created a terrific PowerPoint presentation. Now you want to show and share the genius piece on the top video hosting site YouTube. The problem is, YouTube, a tremendous reservoir of videos, only accepts videos or video clips from digital cameras, camcorders and cell phones that are in such format as WMV, AVI, MOV and MPEG, while neither PowerPoint presentations are video files nor Microsoft itself supports such a PPT-to-YouTube conversion. Hence you may fail when you are to upload a PowerPoint file onto YouTube.

How to troubleshoot the issue? Here I am to show you two easy ways to put PowerPoint presentations onto YouTube.

Method 1 Use Windows Movie Maker
You can use Windows Movie Maker included in your Windows machine. The application is helpful to make a beautiful slideshow or video clip (e.g. mixing your songs with pictures, video clips, lyrics and etc). Then you can save it as video file with the extension of .wmv.

Or just get the clips you want, save and convert them, then mix/match them with pix/sound/etc using Windows movie maker to create new masterpieces. When the output video comes out, upload and put the video presentation to YouTube.

Method 2 Use Third-Party software to convert PowerPoint to YouTube-Ready Video
You can google for a sound PowerPoint-to-YouTube-video converter. Or simply take our Leawo PowerPoint to Video, which is right to help you convert a PowerPoint presentation to a stunning Flash video welcome by YouTube. What's more, it works without any loss of sounds, movies, animations or transitions from the original PowerPoint. The output video from the conversion software always retains all the subtitles of your source presentation.

In three simple clicks, you will access your PowerPoint presentation in video of MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV and 3GP with excellent quality.
Exact Steps of Converting PowerPoint files to Youtube video:
1. Install and run Leawo PowerPoint to Video
2. Click Import to input a PowerPoint presentation you want to convert.
3. Set the output format if necessary and click the Start button to start converting PowerPoint presentations to YouTube video.

No more than a few seconds, you can get your PowerPoint presentation in vivid video that is easy to put onto YouTube.

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