Leawo iTransfer for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatible

Leawo iTransfer for Mac User Guide

Leawo iTransfer for Mac is used for transferring files among iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), iTunes and Mac computers without the sync of iTunes. The software supports the direct data transfers among iPhone, iPad and iPod, and it also helps to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod to Mac computers with no efforts.

There is no doubt that Leawo iTransfer for Mac is very helpful for all iPhone, iPad and iPod users with Mac computers. This iPad, iPod and iPhone transfer software provides powerful functions more than iTunes does. For example, backing up iPad/iPod/iPhone data to computer in viewable files; copying files from one iOS device to another without the same Apple ID; making iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash drives and so on. This multifunctional iPad/iPod/iPhone transfer software will make the data transfers among your iOS devices, iTunes and Mac computers easy to be done. Leawo iTransfer for Mac is compatible with all kinds of iOS devices, including iPhone 3GS or later, all gens of iPad, iPod touch 4 and iPod touch 5, and most models of iPod. This all-in-one iPhone transfer software also works perfectly with the latest version of iTunes, and the latest version of iOS 8, and it runs well with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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How to Transfer Files?

Step 1Run Leawo iTransfer for Mac

The software will automatically show the full information of your iDevice(s) meanwhile detecting the libraries of your iDevice(s). The information panel of your iDevice(s) will show up in the right part of the window, and the libraries show in the left sidebar. Choose one library and then the contents will be shown in the right part of the window.

Step 2.1Transfer Files from Mac to iOS Device

Drag and drop the files into the window of the software; or click “File > Add > Add File/Add Folder” in the menu bar at the upper left corner of the window to add files; or right-click the blank area in the window of the software, and choose “Add > Add File/Add Folder” to add files. Then the software will start transferring files from Mac computer to your iOS device.

Step 2.2Backup Files to Mac Computer

Click the transfer button at the right bottom of the window to transfer all the files in the chosen library to Mac computer or iTunes Library. Or hold “Command” key and click to choose certain files to transfer, and then right-click the selected files and choose “Transfer to > iTunes/My Computer”. Then you are able to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer or iTunes Library.

Step 2.3Transfer Files from iTunes Library to iOS Device

The iTunes library will display in the left sidebar, just below the libraries of the iOS device. Click the transfer button in the right bottom to transfer all the files to your iOS device; or hold “Command” key and click to choose files, then right-click the selected files and click “Transfer to > iOS Device”.

Step 3Transfer Settings

After choosing files, you will see a pop-up dialog for transfer settings. Check “Transfer to List: iTunes/iOS Device” and then you are able to transfer files from your iOS device to iTunes library or another iOS device; Check “Save to Folder” and click “Change”, then choose a folder on your computer so that you are able to backup iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer.

Filter Options

You are able to take advantage of the options of Leawo iTransfer for Mac to make the data transfer of your iOS device easier to be done. The options are listed as follows:

1. All/Not in iTunes
This option is shown in the upper left corner of the window, it will help you to pick out the files that are not saved in iTunes library.

2. Show as List/Show as Cover
This option allows users to view the files in 2 different modes, and it lies in the upper right corner of the window. The “Show as List” mode enables users to view the full information of the files; the “Show as Cover” mode helps users to view the icons of the files directly.

3. Smart Filter
The smart filter column is next to “Show as Cover” button. This function helps users to locate the target file they need within seconds. You are able to sort the files by choosing “Name”, “Artist”, and “Album” and so on.

4. Preview
The “Preview” button shows next to every media file in list mode, it is like the “Play” button, or you can right-click the file and choose “Preview”. After clicking the button, the preview screen will show up at the left bottom of the window.

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