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Leawo Tunes Cleaner User Guide

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is a professional iTunes cleanup program to help you easily clean up iTunes library and get iTunes well organized. It could act as an iTunes duplicate remover to help you detect song duplicates and then delete duplicates in iTunes. Also, it enables you to manually add song tags like artist, album and song name, edit mislabeled music tags, send fixed music files to iTunes, etc. It could not only fix iTunes music library, but external music folders as well. What’s more, it allows you to save unfixed music files for future fixing. It even supports break-point fixing when you restart this program to continue the last fixing.

  • Add Music Info

  • Remove song duplicates

Step 1Launch Leawo Tunes Cleaner

After you launch this iTunes cleanup program, you will see 3 different options: Start to Clean iTunes, Open Music Files and Load Saved Result. Clicking “Start to Clean iTunes” would guide you to clean up iTunes music library. The “Open Music Files” option would guide you to fix external music folder. If you’ve saved unfixed music files in your last fixing with Leawo Tunes Cleaner, you can click “Load Saved Result” to load the unfixed music files you saved for fixing.

Step 2Scan and fix music library

If you want to clean up iTunes music library, click the “Start to Clean iTunes” entry; if you want to clean up music files in folder, click the “Open Music Files” and then browse target music files; if you want to clean up saved project, click “Load Saved Result” entry. Leawo Tunes Cleaner would automatically scan your music library and then display all music files in problem. You could click the “Fix All” button to start auto-fixing.

Step 3Do manual fixing in need

After fixing, if there exist unrecognized songs, you can choose to do manual fixing. You can click the icon to do manual fixing. You can complete the music tags, including: Name, Artist, Album and Artwork. Then click “Save” button to save manual fixings. There’s a play button on each song, by clicking which you can take a listen to the song within this program. After manual fixing, click the “Save” button to save manual editing and then hit the “Apply” button to apply fixed results to your music library or iTunes.

Step 1Choose scanning mode

After launching Leawo Tunes Cleaner, click the “Clean-up Duplicates” option. Tunes Cleaner would guide you to the song duplicate removal interface. Select a scanning mode on the left sidebar to determine upon which elements you want Tunes Cleaner to scan duplicates in your music library.

Note: Quick Scan mode is based on song tags including Name, Artist, Album, File size and Time. You could freely determine which elements to adopt. While Deep Scan mode adopts Acoustic Fingerprint technology, which costs a little longer but ensures more accurate scanning.

Step 2Determine music library

To delete song duplicates in iTunes music library, click the “Scan iTunes” option. To delete song duplicates in external music folders rather than iTunes, click the blue “+Add” button to set target music folder.

Step 3Delete song duplicates

After adding music files, Leawo Tunes Cleaner would automatically scan your music library and then display all song duplicates for you to choose which to delete. After checking duplicates for deleting, click the “Remove” button. Tunes Cleaner would immediately delete selected duplicates from your music library.

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