How to Publish PowerPoint Presentations on the Web

Imagine an e-class out of MS PowerPoint that engaged by a thousand of enthusiasts. Imagine a webinar of many industry elites conveyed by live presentations. You must have been hit by the exciting idea of publishing a refined PowerPoint presentation on the web, as to share your inspiration with people all around the world.

It is not a difficult job. Follow these 6 ways to publish PowerPoint presentations on the web.
1. Convert PowerPoint presentation to Web-welcome video
2. Embed presentation on your web via YouTube video
3. Publish PowerPoint presentation as HTML Web page
4. Record PowerPoint presentation with Camtasia Studio
5. Upload and show slides at
6. Upload and link source slides without conversion

Method 1 Convert PowerPoint presentation to Web-welcome video

A presentation in video format is as well animated but flexible and protected for distribution and looks more professional on a webpage. Result from that, a PowerPoint presentation is more often converted to streaming video for web sharing.

To make a quick and precise conversion of your presentation, apply Leawo PowerPoint to Video, a smart software tool dedicated to convert PowerPoint to video. Click to get a complete idea of converting PowerPoint to video. After conversion, you can find all the vivid animations be preserved in the output video file.

Next, you can place the video on your server or upload it to any video-sharing site.

To achieve a perfect effect, you'd better play the presentation using a media player (e.g. Moyea Web Player Lite). Such playing software adds great fun by offering the do-it-yourself function. For instance, this Moyea Web Player Lite not only lets you customize the video playlist with ease, but also allows you to insert ads into the video for drawing a deal. Absolutely great done!

Method 2 Embed presentation on your web via YouTube video
This method also takes video as a media. It is helpful when you want to upload PowerPoint to a video-sharing website like YouTube. Here we will take YouTube, one of the most popular video-sharing websites, as an example. Below are the exact steps: First, convert your presentation into a video file using a conversion tool like Leawo PowerPoint to Video.Next, post the video on YouTube. You need to login in before uploading your video to YouTube. When it is uploaded, you can find an Embed field on the right. Copy the code within the field and save to your hard drive for later use on another website (homepage, blog, etc.)

Method 3 Publish PowerPoint presentation as HTML Web page
A simple way is to save your presentation as web page (extension name as *.htm;*.html).Go to the slide, and click the Office Button to select Other Formats.
put powerpoint on web

The Save As dialog box is displayed as following. Set Web Page (*.htm; *.html) for the Save as type field. Click Save to store the new HTML file on your hard drive.
put powerpoint on web

Each slide is saved as a separate image, which makes the entire folder of HTML files very large. Thus it would be a bit troublesome if you want to upload all of them to your server.

Also, the original animations will get lost with this approach.

Another deficiency in this method is that your slides can only display properly with an IE browser. For a website visitor who isn't using IE, it is impossible to view the presentation as it is.

Method 4 Record PowerPoint presentation with Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio is a smart screen recording software tool that records your PC screen and create videos. The videos can help demonstrate your PPT presentation clearly.
You should download Comtasia Studio (from and install it on your computer before follow these steps:
1. On the PPT file, click the Office Button -> Save As -> PowerPoint Show to save it in *.pps (*.ppsx for Microsoft Office 2007) format.

2. In Camtasia Studio, click the Record the screen in the Task List. Set to record the whole screen.

3. Play your PowerPoint PPS file and Press F9 to start recording the screen.

4. When coming to the last blank slide, press F10 to stop recording. You are prompted to save the captured slideshow. Then choose a directory and enter a file name and save it in *.avi format.

5. Now you can upload the video to your server.

All the effects within your slides are retained after conversion. Nevertheless, it will take some time if too many slides exist in your presentation.

Method 5 Upload and show slides at
SlideShare ( is a well-known website that enables you to share your presentations. Upload your presentations (e.g.*.ppt, *.pps or *.pos) to SlideShare. It will convert them into shared media. Thus, your presentation can be accessed on any computer.

Similarly, all the animations and multimedia files in the presentation will disappear.

Method 6 Upload and link source slides without conversion
It is easy. Simply upload the PowerPoint file to your website using a link. To view the presentation, guests need to click the link and download the file on their computers. They must have PowerPoint app or PowerPoint viewer installed on their computer for viewing.
Note that the file may have a big size and be fragile to malicious modification.

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