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About TS Format

TS is the abbreviation of Transport Stream (in high definition). It is a communication protocol for audio, video, and data which is specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems (ISO/IEC standard 13818-1 or ITU-T Rec. H.222.0). Transport stream (TS) is specified in MPEG-2, and it is a standard format for transmission and storage of audio, video, and data, and is used in broadcast systems such as DVB and ATSC. Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized streams, with error correction and stream synchronization features for maintaining transmission integrity when the signal is degraded.

The connection of Transport Stream to Program Stream is as follows. Firstly, PS is designed for reasonably reliable media, such as disks (like DVDs), while TS is designed for less reliable transmission, namely broadcast. Further, Transport Stream transmissions may carry multiple Program Streams.

Nowadays, TS files are widely spread on the internet as (usually split) recording profiles from HDTV broadcasts. As an MPEG format, there are a variety of players and methods to play back TS files or to “convert” them to more complaint MPEG-2 files for authoring as DVD / HD DVD. MPEG-2 is the format used in the DVD-Video format and is also part of the HD DVD specification, although it has trouble competing with more compressible formats such as VC-1 and H.264.

Related Software

Leawo Video Converter (TS Converter): an easy video and audio solution for any format conversions, with fast speed and excellent output guaranteed. Equipped with 3D conversion function, you can get 3D TS video as output. This TS Converter not only converts common videos to TS video, but also converts TS video to other video formats.

Leawo DVD Ripper (DVD to TS Ripper): a useful DVD ripping program for users to rip DVD to video in various formats. So with it you can enjoy great convenience to convert DVD to TS for appreciation. This DVD to TS Ripper enables you to convert DVD to TS with fast speed and excellent video quality. 3D TS video as output is also supportable.

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