How to Convert MP4 to F4V for MP4 File Internet Playing?

MP4 video file has been adopted by more and more MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, tablet PCs and more portable players so it can be said as one of the most popular media formats. But what is disappointed is that it is not the default format for online video playing. When you have the desire to enjoy MP4 videos online you will frustratingly find that most video sharing websites on the Internet do not accept this MP4 video format or MP4 format can not guarantee you the best video playback effect online. What is the best video format for video uploading and video playing online? Of course, it should be FLV or F4V and between which F4V is being used more and more for its perfect Internet compatibility.

To convert MP4 to F4V is the quickest way to get MP4 video file played on the Internet. A MP4 to F4V Converter is required to do MP4 to F4V conversion. Leawo Video Converter is the right MP4 to F4V converter for you to convert MP4 to F4V on Windows operating system. And as to convert MP4 to F4V on Mac operating system, you should turn to Leawo null, which is remarked as the best Mac Video Converter for you to convert MP4 to F4V on Mac. Besides MP4 to F4V conversion, the full-featured program is also capable of converting video and audio among all formats so you are able to achieve any media conversions with it. Download the video converter according to your computer OS and start the MP4 to F4V conversion by following the guide below.


Full Guide

Add MP4 Videos

Easy to import MP4 files to the program by clicking on the Add Video icon on the top bar or you can drag the wanted files to it directly. The loaded files will be presented on the processing list, you can get access to detailed file information, reorder the videos, double clicking on the video to have a preview or take screenshots of the video.

Choose F4V as Output Format

To carry out this step you only need to go to the Profile option. In the drop-down box, pick up F4V as the output or search the target by using the file search function. For the best output effect, you can also tab on the Setting icon next to the Profile option and adjust detailed video and audio parameters.

Adjust Output Effect (Optional)

You can take this step if you are not quite satisfied with the video effects or you just skip it and start the video conversion. There are two ways for you to adjust output effects: 1). Go to the Edit panel to add video editing features by trimming, cropping, effecting and watermarking. 2). Go to the 3D Settings to choose a 3D video setting mode and modulate 3D Depth effect.

Start to Convert MP4 to F4V

Back to the main interface and click on the Convert button to begin MP4 to F4V conversion.

Video GuideSoftware

Leawo Video Converter

Video Converter
Convert videos to various formats for more convenient enjoyment.

Platfrom: Windows 7/Vista/XP


Extended Knowledge

F4V is the streaming media format created by Adobe Company in order to meet the high-definition era following the FLV format, which supports the H.264 format. It is based on the ISO base media file format and is supported starting with Flash Player 9 update 3. F4V is a default online video format by various online sites including YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe,, and more.


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