Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatible

Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac User Guide

It is really bad if you find that your Flash SWF work has been stolen by others and put on their websites, with just a few changes but the idea is exactly yours. Without SWF encryption, simply using a SWF decompile tool people can get the source code and all your Flash components stored in the SWF file. Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac is a professional SWF encryption tool designed to protect Flash SWF files from being decompiled on Mac OS X. It obfuscates the SWF file source code to be unreadable to even SWF Decompilers or SWF Decrypt in market. The encrypt SWF file can be played normally with Flash Player.

Don’t let your hard work results in nothing just because you didn’t encrypt and protect your SWF file before publishing online.

  • Encrypt SWF

  • Load SWF

  • Encryption

  • Program

Encrypt SWF files

Step 1Add SWF files

Run Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac and you will see the start interface. You can drag and drop source SWF files as input or click the “Add” button to load SWF files to the program.

Step 2Choose SWF flash encryption ways

Below the processing list panel, you can choose encryption ways to encrypt SWF flash files. This program supports batch processing and you can choose different encryption settings for each SWF file or encrypt them all upon the same setting.

Step 3Select output location

Click “Output” frame and select a location where you can easily find to save output SWF flash files.

Step 4Start SWF encryption

Click the right bottom “Encrypt” button to start to encrypt SWF flash files upon the encryption ways you choose.

Load SWF

The source SWF files are listed in the left processing list panel. There are two ways you can import source SWF files to this Flash obfuscator.

Add Relevant SWF file: Ensures successful invocation of SWF files after encryption
Add Irrelevant SWF file: Can be applied to any SWF files with no connection

Encryption Settings

According to different purposes, you can choose different SWF encryption ways. To make things easy, for each SWF encryption way, there is detailed explanation and diagram in the Tips panel.

Basic Encryption: Including Name Encryption, Classname Encryption, Namespace Encryption

Exceptional Encryption: Including Unencrypt for Special Names, Unencrypt the Names appear in both SWF and XML files

Intensified Encryption: Including Strings Intensive Encryption, Packers Encryption

Program Settings

The “Options” of Mac SWF Encrypt has General Settings and Connection Settings.

General Settings: You can select the default way to import SWF files (Relevant, Irrelevant or ask every time) and enable automatic update check.

Connection: You can do Proxy settings here for internet connection.

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