How to Recover Data from Portable Hard Drive?

“I bought a portable hard drive several years ago and now it has ceased to work so I decide to purchase new one. But there remains one problem: my photos, daily shot videos, movies and other useful stuffs are still stored in it. How can I get them out from the old one and then transfer to the new one?”

As a matter of fact, the problem you mentioned concerns about how to recover data from portable HDD. Portable hard drive will get corrupted because of multiple reasons such as human error, virus attack, and more. When it happens, most people may not know what to do next and leave it alone. But now with some programs like a portable hard drive recovery, this first thing you should remind of is to recover data from portable HDD as soon as possible after corruption. To get back data, a portable HDD recovery is necessary. Leawo Photo Recovery for Mac comes to be your first choice in restoring data from portable hard drive. It is a functional tool that can achieve Photo Recovery, Music Recovery and Video Recovery, and supports HFS+, FAT16/32, NTFS/NTFS5 file systems. Equipped with intensive file scanning and analyzing, users are able to check lost files in details. With this program, you will feel easily to recover data from portable HDD.

Take action to download this portable HDD recovery via the link below and start to get all your data back from the corrupted portable hard drive.

Full Guide

Select File Type and Disk

Connect your portable hard drive to the computer and get this data recovering software started. Select the inserted drive for scanning in the next step.


The program will scan the hard drive for you automatically. You can get access to the detailed file scanning process. If the data are image files you can easily to preview them. All lost data files will be checked here.

Select Files to Recover

You can see all the lost file information in this step according to file types. Pick up those you need for data recovery. Then click on the “Recover” button to recover data from portable HDD. You should choose a destination to save the recovered files and it is recommended that you save them to another drive in case of file overwritten problem.

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