How to convert MKV to iDVD on Mac OS?

When creating DVD from MKV videos with iDVD on Mac, you will disappointedly notice that you can not import MKV to iDVD straightway. As is known to all, iDVD is a practical DVD creation application developed by Apple for Mac OS X. It supports to add Quick Time Movies (16:9 widescreen video formats, DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVCHD, etc.), MP3 music and digital photos to a DVD that can be played on a commercial DVD player. MKV to iDVD process can not be realized because of iDVD’s incapability to recognize MKV files. Mac users want to convert MKV to iDVD must resort to a Video Converter for Mac.

With this ideal Mac MKV to iDVD Converter, you can import MKV to iDVD for DVD creation with ease.

Here is the step-by-step guide concentrates on how to convert MKV to iDVD on Mac with the professional converting tool.

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Add MKV video files

Select the MKV files stored in your Mac or directly drag MKV files to this MKV to iDVD Converter. In this step you can either preview video or capture screenshots from MKV video.

You can refer to the specific information of the MKV file by right-clicking the video and choose "media information" in the file list. 

Select Output Profile

Choose iDVD accepted formats as the output format (take .MP4 or .MOV for an example).

Apply to all: If it is ticked, all MKV files in the file list will be with the same setting as your previous set file.

Edit MKV videos

Before you import MKV to iDVD for DVD creating, you can customize your MKV video file by trimming, cropping, rotating, effect adjusting, watermarking as well within this MKV to iDVD Converter for Mac.

Convert MKV to iDVD formats

With a simple click on the big "Convert" button, you can accomplish the whole process.

With the help of this Mac MKV to iDVD Converter, you can convert MKV to iDVD and create your own personalized DVDs from these converted MKV files conveniently.

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