How to convert AVI to iPod with Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter?

As iPod has caught heat in the portable video player market, there are increasing needs of video watching on iPod. But AVI videos are not on iPod's video list; you must convert those AVI to iPod videos before you sync them to your iPod. This guide will give you a quick startup on using Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter to convert AVI to iPod video.

Leawo Video Converterthe professional AVI to iPod Video Converter is a professional AVI to iPod converter that can easily and smoothly transform any AVI files to videos that are 100% playable on your iPod. Feel free to download Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter and have a try. In the following there is a guide on how to convert AVI to iPod videos. Three steps are all you need to take.

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Load AVI videos

For files importing, you can replace your import approach via traditional browse by directly dragging the files in the standby list.

Afterwards, you can double click on the file title to get a preview and capture a photo during the preview.

Note that, if you would like to merge those files into a single file, you should take serious consideration in the list order. Make sure that you have arranged the files in the desired order before you have them go into the conversion process.

Pick a proper profile

Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter offers a big volume of output profiles for iPod videos. Users may easily discern the difference on the profiles by the description and select the one that matches their need.

The profiles are already optimized and suggested for use. If users would like to experience an extraordinary output, Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter has a special offer for you, the advanced codec setting panel. Again, the codec settings are advised to be left as they were except the quality setting. The quality setting is the determining factor in video quality on display, while others barely make any different on the results.

Edit the video to get a better output result

As part of Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter, the video customization feature is quite handy an approach to help improve the display effect of the video.

  • The Trim helps cut off unwanted head and tail to shorten the video length.
  • The Crop helps remove black margins or useless parts to tailor the video to your iPhone screen size.
  • The Effect helps adjust the visual and sound effect to the satisfactory level.
  • The Watermark feature allows for applying an image or a text above the video layer.

Start to convert AVI to iPod

Anytime when you feel all right with the video editing, you can return to the home interface and start the conversion process. It is just that simple as much as three steps using Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter.

During the conversion process, you may also intervene by pause the process, skip the ongoing and cancel the standby. You may also set yourself free from the long waiting by giving after done instructions, such as "Open the output folder" or "Shut down computer". Leawo AVI to iPod Video Converter is also riding an exclusive optimization on multiple threading. It allows the users to start the process in triples, which results in reduce on the entire time cost.

Extended Knowledge

iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files encoded by MP3 or AAC compression algorithms. Designed by Apple Computer, iPods have distinctive styling and can hold anywhere from a few hundred to ten thousand songs. Popular iPod features include a calendar, address book, to-do list, alarm clock with sleep timer, games and text reader. Currently, iPod support MP4 video file in many different resolutions and sizes.

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