• Spotify Reported to Acquire SoundCloud

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    It is reported that music-streaming service Spotify was in “advanced talks” to acquire rival streaming service SoundCloud. However, months of discussions between the two have apparently been fruitless, and Spotify has abandoned its takeover plans, TechCrunch reported Thursday, citing a source within Spotify.

    Spotify feared the acquisition could muddle its plans for going public next year, the unidentified source said. A sales price wasn’t mentioned, but Bloomberg reported in July that SoundCloud’s owners were considering a sale that could value the company at $1 billion.

    The breakdown in negotiations comes amid intensifying competition for streaming-music customers. In the last three years, consumers have shifted from digital downloads to memberships that charge a monthly fee for unlimited access to tens of millions of songs.

    Spotify currently dominates the market with 40 million paying subscribers worldwide, up from 30 million paying subscribers in March, according to market researcher Statista. Apple has been catching up fast, saying earlier this week that had surpassed the 20 million subscriber milestone just 18 months after its launch.

    Soundcloud is a music-hosting service and music publishing tool which allowed musicians to share and distribute their music tracks. SoundCloud uses other social networks to spread music uploaded by its members. Users can place the widget on their own websites or blogs and then SoundCloud will automatically Tweet every track uploaded. Often referred to as the “YouTube for audio,” it differs from services like Spotify and Apple Music by allowing people to upload tracks.

    For downloading music from Spotify or SoundCloud, Leawo Software release the newest music recording software, Leawo Music Recorder for all music lovers. The software helps users record audio and music from computer audio and online music sources like YouTube, AOL Music, Last.fm, etc.

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  • Leawo Software Compares Top 4 Music Recorders in Recording Pandora Music

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    Leawo Software, a professional multimedia software giant and related services provider, adheres to “people being the top priority” principle in its course of development. Knowing the fact that music fans are trying to find a more proper way to record Pandora music, Leawo Software immediately conducted a task of comparing top 4 music recorders to make a proper Pandora music recorder stand out. At the same time, Leawo Software showed people how to record Pandora music with the best Pandora music recorder.

    “Every time we research and develop the latest version of multimedia software, we put ourselves into people’ shoes. We endeavor to satisfy people’ needs. Therefore a comparison between 4 professional music recorders was made accordingly in order to recommend the best Pandora music recorder for people to record Pandora music,” Steven Zhang, CEO of Leawo Software, said.

    To listen to Pandora music, people have to sign in Pandora, and choose desired music to play, which is confined to a computer with internet access. Therefore many people try to find a proper solution to record Pandora music to get rid of the confinement. By making use of a proper music recorder, people can effectively record Pandora music and then play it on music player offline. People are welcome to read a passage written by Leawo Software support team to find out what a proper music recorder is.

    In the passage, top 4 music recorders including Leawo Music Recorder, Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder, Free Sound Recorder, and Audacity are listed and a feature-by-feature comparison between them are made in detail. Audacity is ruled out when considering whether the recorder is easy to use, recording schedule available, and able to play back music, while Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder and Free Sound Recorder are knocked out in the second round of comparing features of auto-downloading music tags and ability to create personal playlist. Through comparison, the best Pandora music recorder – Leawo Music Recorder stands out. Apart from the features above, the best Pandora music recorder performs stably, records high-quality audio file, and gets updated constantly, and it even allow recordings to be transferred to iTunes with several mouse clicks.

    Leawo Music Recorder has Windows and Mac version, designed for Windows and Mac users to record not only input audio, but also computer and online audio from Pandora, YouTube, Last.fm, Spotify, AOL Music, etc. At the end of the passage, a step-by-step tutorial guide together with a detailed tutorial video is presented to show people how to record Pandora music with Leawo Music Recorder.

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  • 5 ways to get music for free and legally on the internet from online video sharing sites and radio stations

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    With the improved attention on copyright protection, there’re a lot of laws being actively discussed around the Web to define the legality of free music. The only problem now is what free and legal music is and what is not. Even though a consumer has purchased the commercial music album or tracks from Amazon or iTunes, he or she does not actually own the copyright, and therefore the track cannot be legally used as the background music for video or animation. Actually, whether the free music is legal or not is depending on its usage. It’s all about how you’re going to use that music – simply listen or gain profit on its distribution. If you just get these free music for listening, you could have a look at the following 5 methods to get music for free and legally.

    Video sharing websites

    Video sharing sites

    There are a lot of video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vevo, and MTV Music that get branded channels where singers and bands release their music videos and audio videos. You have the chance to find and listen to almost any audio track, add it to your playlists and share with friends. But you have to play videos in order to listen to music.

    Music streaming services

    Music streaming services

    There are numerous online services which transmit music on demand from the Internet. The most popular of them are Last.fm, Pandora, Grooveshark, Spotify, Rdio and Dezeer.

    The best part is that these websites are accessible from almost any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

    The services have agreements with major record labels and thus provide legal access to music. All services have free membership option (usually ad-supported and with limited features). Still to get most, you have to buy a subscription.

    Unfortunately, geo-restrictions (often set by record companies) make most music streaming services useless for third world countries. This fact gives rise to local Internet radios like In.com.

    Music streaming software

    music streaming software

    Various music streaming software are available for you to choose from for getting music for free, just like Leawo’s Music Recorder, which lets you easily record any sound from either internal or external audio sources of  your computer.  This music recording software could allow users get music for free from online video sharing sites like YouTube and Facebook, and FM radio stations just like AOL Music and Last.fm. No download functionality, so the software is absolutely legal.

    Music archives

    music archives

    Amazon has a section of free music downloads. iTunes throws out a couple of free songs every week, encouraging listeners to discover new music. Fan communities such as Etree and OverclockedRemix give access to free music tracks, live concerts, and remixes on a non-commercial basis.

    AudioJungle offers royalty-free tracks free or under $1.

    Archives like Jamendo distribute free and legal music under a CreativeCommons license, meaning that the music can be freely listened to, used, and redistributed under the same license.

    Music blogs

    obscure sound

    Music blogs are also a good source of free legal music. Usually, such blogs are used by newborn bands and artists for self-promotion. In fact, there is a great number of such blogs, each of them focused on a specific audience and offering different kind of music – from indie-rock to the avant-garde. The examples of such blogs are ObscureSound, Spinner, Elbows, HypeMachine, etc.  If it’s not always free to download music from these blogs, you may play songs on them with no limitations.

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  • Leawo Music Recorder for Mac 1.1.0 now saves recordings in MP3 and WAV formats along with big program optimization

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    Shenzhen, GD, China, Feb. 4th 2013, Leawo Software Co., Ltd. officially declares the release of its Leawo Music Recorder for Mac 1.1.0. The new version brings users more convenience. It now allows users to save recordings in MP3 and WAV formats with Bit Rate and Sample Rate adjustable, drag and drop music to playlist for playback, and get music info during recording. Also, the program is largely optimized to improve program efficiency and cover flow experience. The program size is reduced and Bug Report system has been optimized as well.

    Leawo Music Recorder for Mac is the best music recording software for Mac OS X. As a professional music recorder for Mac, it could act as a streaming audio recorder for Mac to record Mic or other built-in input audio stream, and also record computer audio stream or online music just like an online audio recorder for Mac.

    Key Upgrades in Leawo Music Recorder for Mac 1.1.0

    1. Save recordings in MP3 and WAV formats with Bit Rate and Sample Rate adjustable: The previous version only supports to save recorded music files in M4A format. Now, the program allows users to save recordings in MP3 and WAV formats with Bit Rate and Sample Rate adjustable, which surely produces more convenience for users to transfer the recordings to various devices for unlimited playback.

    2. Drag and drop music to playlist for quick playback: By directly dragging-and-dropping recorded music files in the Library to customized playlists, users could easily play back recordings at will.

    3. Improved program efficiency and reduced memory occupancy: The updated program also optimized the user experience of cover flow and program operating so as to improve program efficiency and get faster program response. Meanwhile, the greatly reduced program size saves more memory.

    4. Automatically get music information during recording: Through updating, Leawo Music Recorder could do better in collecting music information for recorded music files during recording. The recorded music files could be further perfected for applying to iTunes music library store.

    5. Optimized Bug Report system: The Bug Report system is a very important way for users to report problems to Leawo. Through the updating, Leawo optimized the Bug Report system so as to make it more convenient for users to get response.

    Price and Availability

    Leawo offers both free trial version and registered version of Music Recorder for Mac. The free trial version could only record 15-second content while the registered version has no limit but costs at $19.99.


    Company website: http://www.leawo.com/

    Product webpage: http://www.leawo.com/music-recorder-mac/

    Product download link: http://www.leawo.com/download/macmusicrecorder_setup.dmg

    Contact Person:


    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Email: contact@leawo.com

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