• Enjoy HD PowerPoint Presentations: Top 10 Blu-ray Players Review

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    It is human nature that people never get satisfied and they always want things to be better. When it comes to watching and owning movies, people want the picture clearest and highest quality and storage as large as possible. That’s why Blu-ray Discs are sweeping the whole world and everybody now is thinking to enjoy high definition experiences at home. This inevitably brings out the Blu-ray players. There are now hundreds of Blu-ray players in the market and prices have been dropping over the past years with the popularization of Blu-ray format.

    Besides HD movies, there are also needs to view HD PowerPoint presentations with Blu-ray players to improve the business or education. With the technology developed, today’s Blu-ray Players can even support Blu-ray Disc 3D and some degree of media streaming like WiFi or Ethernet.

    To narrow your search and save your time and energy, here we scoured over the highest rated Blu-ray players and made this top 10 Blu-ray players list for you.

    Top 10 Blu-ray Disc players review:

    10. Panasonic DMP-BD65P-K

    The Panasonic DMP-BD65P has a low price, given its selection of Internet-streaming options–but it suffers from uninspiring image quality.

    9. Samsung BD-C5500

    The Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray player offers internet readiness, allowing you to stream your favorite films or videos straight to your HDTV with the highest quality.

    8. Toshiba BDX2700

    The Toshiba BDX2700 is a reasonably good Blu-ray player that sells for a reasonably good price; its disappointing DVD up-conversion is its only serious drawback.

    7. Sony BDP-S370

    With the Sony BDP Blu-ray player, you can watch your favorite Blu-rays and get a 1080p crisp picture, or enjoy a standard definition DVD at a higher quality using this model.

    6. Sharp BD-HP90U

    Blu-ray discs look wonderful on the BD-HP90, but Sharp got virtually everything else wrong with this player–and then priced it too high.

    5. Samsung BD-C6900 3D

    The Samsung 3D Blu-ray player allows you to view movies like never before, with in depth picture quality and 3D technology, this home entertainment item takes it above and beyond.

    4. Sony PlayStation 3

    Slim-line game console system stands out for its value, versatility, and options. As a Blu-ray player, the Blu-ray disc images it outputs are good, but not as pleasing as those on our top-performing stand-alone players, making it a good Blu-ray value only if you also want to play PlayStation 3 games.

    3. Samsung BD-C7900

    Though it costs more than many competitors, the Samsung BD-C7900 offers excellent images, 3D, ease of use, and all the Internet and multimedia trimmings.

    2. LG Electronics BX580

    The LG BX580 offers exceptional image quality, full multimedia capabilities, and very good Internet content.

    1. Sony BDP-S570 3D

    Start enjoying Blu-Ray quality discs right with number one on our list, the Sony BDP player. Watch films at an incredible 1080p or up convert regular DVDs.

    How to View HD PowerPoint presentations with Blu-ray players:

    Leawo PPT to DVD Burner Pro is an all-inclusive and easy-to-use conversion tool that helps burn PowerPoint to DVD and Blu-ray Disc playable with DVD or Blu-ray Disc Player on TV, while keeping complete of PowerPoint originals like animations, sounds, slide transitions, video clips, fonts and languages. It features a powerful burning engine, a good host of DVD/Blu-ray menu templates, a cool choice of custom watermarks, and 2 flexible chapter schemes One Animation One Chapter, One Slide One Chapter. Besides, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro also supports up to 12 PowerPoint file to Blu-ray Disc at one click.

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