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ISO image (International Organization for Standardization), or called an ISO file, is the image of an entire CD or DVD, the whole contents of which can be completely duplicated and contained in a single ISO file. ISO image is an image file produced by copying all information in an optical disc. Therefore, ISO image is qualified to be the genuine digital copy of the original. It usually has a file extension of .iso and might contain a UDF (ISO/IEC 13346) file system. ISO image can be created from optical disc, or used to further create optical disc using specific software.

ISO image file can be played by VLC, MPlayer, KMPlayer, SMplayer, Splayer and DAPlayer, etc.

An ISO image can be rendered, or “burned,” to a CD, DVD, or BD by using media authoring or disc burning software. An ISO can also be “mounted” with suitable driver software, i.e. treated by the operating system as if it were a physical optical disc. Most Unix-based operating systems, including GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, have built-in capability to mount an ISO; in other cases software drivers can be installed to achieve the same objective.

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