What is Dailymotion

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. Its headquarters are located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Dailymotion is the world’s second largest video-sharing website, behind YouTube.

Dailymotion allows users to browse and upload videos by searching tags, channels, or user-created groups. The search system also introduces results based on other users’ searches. The maximum size of a video file is 2 GB. The length of the video files is also limited to 60 minutes, except for motionmakers and Official Users.

Motionmaker is a group for the original content creators. Official User is a group for the official content producers, such as record labels, film studios, news media, television channels, sports associations and political parties. A motionmaker or an Official User can:

  • Customize his or her profile;
  • Upload videos of unlimited length;
  • Upload Full HD quality videos (1920*1080p), whereas regular users are limited to Half HD (1280*720p);
  • Benefit from an increased visibility;
  • Have an OfficialContent/CreativeContent overlay affixed to his or her video thumbnails.

In October 2010 Dailymotion Cloud was launched as a white label video hosting service to use excess bandwidth and existing resources. As of November 2011, Dailymotion Cloud had 2,500 customers but had not achieved its turnover targets. As a multi-format broadcasting solution, Dailymotion Cloud allows videos to be encoded in formats suitable for devices like computers, tablets, connected TVs or smartphones.

With the help of Audible Magic, Dailymotion implemented an acoustic fingerprinting system that can detect copyrighted videos and prevent their publication. Dailymotion is also the first video sharing website to implement a video fingerprinting solution supplied by INA.

Currently, Dailymotion has blocked its service in India, Libya, Australia and Kazakhstan. Now, the Dailymotion service is available in other 34 countries in 16 different languages. As of November 2012, the site was the 31st most visited website in the world with over 116 million unique visitors accessing the site each month.


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