How to Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to Computer?

As the latest Apple iPhone generation, iPhone 4S has attracted people’s attention from all over the world. Not only acting as a smart mobile phone, but also functioning as an awesome music player, many users employ it to enjoy home-made audios, hot music files and movie original soundtracks. And there is one problem that in what way you can transfer music from iPhone 4S to computer/PC for appreciation. Enjoying music on iPhone 4S is fantastic but sometimes you may just leave iPhone 4S aside and play songs on local computer. So under this circumstance, to transfer songs from iPhone 4S to computer for enjoyment, you need an iPhone 4S music transfer—Leawo iTransfer.

Leawo iTransfer is an intelligent iPhone 4S music transfer, besides, it can also transfer videos and pictures from iPhone 4S to computer and even achieve mutual transferring among iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC and iTunes. So you can just feel free to download this iPhone 4S music transfer and begin to transfer songs from iPhone 4S to computer with the guide below.

Full Guide

Link iPhone 4S to Computer

You should connect your iPhone 4S with computer by Apple dock connector before you run this program. After that just operate the program and you will see that your iPhone 4S and your computer files information will be displayed within the software. You can get more detailed information of iPhone 4S and PC information.

Select Files on iPhone 4S

Once you have connected your iPhone 4S to computer and start the recommended program, you can begin to select files on your iPhone 4S for transferring. By employing AutoFilter function to automatically sort out the wanted files, by using Show as list & Show as cover displaying modes to choose files according to file properties, by adopting Manual Filter to search files via keywords.

Transfer Music from iPhone 4S to Computer/PC

Within this step, you only need to transfer the selected files by the following three ways: directly drag the selected music files to your computer, or right click on the selected music files and "Transfer to" your computer, or click on the big Transfer button to shift music files to PC in "Transfer to list" option.

Video GuideSoftware

Leawo iTransfer

An iTunes assistant to transfer data among iDevices, iTunes and PC.

Platfrom: Windows 7/Vista/XP

Extended Knowledge

iPhone 4S is the speculative name for the sucessor to Apple’s iPhone 4. Apple have invited press to an event at Apple’s Cupertino campus in California for the announcement on October 4th. It is expected to run the new iOS 5 software unveiled at WWDC 2011 by Apple.


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