How to Move CD Songs to iPod touch 5

Generally speaking, songs on iPod touch 5 can be divided into three categories: songs purchased from iTunes, songs downloaded online and songs ripped from CD discs. In fact, before the wide spreading of Internet, CDs were playing an important role in connecting users and music songs. As a consequence, the method to move CD songs to iPod touch 5 will be of great benefits to users. Even though iTunes has made music entertainment on iPod touch 5 much easier, most users still prefer to get songs from CDs for iPod touch 5 rather than buy songs from iTunes Store. After all, most people are reluctant to pay the same music songs twice for both the CD version and the digital version. Moreover, songs ripped from CDs neither charges as high as songs from iTunes nor gets the chance to be involved in copyright infringements as songs downloaded online do.

Songs from CD to iPod: CD songs

Therefore, are there any good ways to move CD songs to iPod touch 5? Yes, of course. Generally speaking, users need to convert CD songs to iPod touch 5 friendly songs at first and then transfer the converted CD songs to iPod touch 5 with professional CD to iPod touch 5 transfer. To this extent, the post will be divided into two parts to show users the process of moving CD songs to iPod touch 5 in details.

Part I: Convert DVD songs to iPod touch 5

Since the original DVD songs are not compatible to iPod touch 5, users need to convert the DVD songs to MP3 songs, audio files supported by iPod touch 5. Of course, to make sure the conversion process will work, one needs to find out a powerful DVD to iPod touch converter beforehand. To this extent, Leawo DVD to iPod Converter, a free DVD to MP3 tool, will be a good choice.

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DVD songs to iPod touch 5: Import DVD

Import DVD movie

Download and launch Leawo DVD to iPod Converter, open the iPod converter and then click “Load DVD” option in the drop-down menu of “File” to input the DVD movie. 

DVD songs to iPod touch 5: Choose output video

Choose output format for iPod touch 5

After that, set the output file as MP3 songs in the drop-down menu of “Profile” so that one can play the converted songs on iPod touch 5. Then click “Settings” button to get into Profile panel, set the bit rate of the audio file as 160 kbps for iPod touch 5.

DVD songs to iPod touch 5: Convert DVD to iPod touch 5

Convert CD songs to iPod touch 5 music

When all the steps have been done, click “Start” button to begin the conversion process from CD songs to MP3 files for iPod touch 5.

Part II: Move converted CD songs to iPod touch 5

Even though iTunes is powerful enough to manage the job of transferring songs from CDs to iPod touch 5, it is a third-party transfer named Leawo iTransfer that is more recommended. Compared to iTunes, Leawo iTransfer is easier in operation and more excellent in efficiency. Designed as a professional iPod transfer, Leawo iTransfer enables users to move CD songs to iPod touch 5 in just a few clicks. However, iTunes is needed to make sure Leawo iTransfer works.

DVD songs to iPod touch 5: iPod transfer

Download Leawo iTransfer

Get and install the latest Leawo iTransfer to make sure iPod touch 5 can be recognized. Then connect iPod touch 5 to the computer via USB cable and open the iPod transfer.

DVD songs to iPod touch 5: Transfer DVD songs

Select converted CD songs

Click “Music” tab under the icon of iPod touch 5. Find those CD songs needed to be transferred to iPod touch 5, select them all and send them to the panel of Leawo iTransfer with drag-and-drop operations.

DVD songs to iPod touch 5: Finish DVD transference

Transfer CD songs to iPod

After that, those CD songs will be moved to iPod touch 5 automatically. When the transference ends, users are allowed to play CD songs on iPod touch 5. 

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