Enjoy Your Favorite YouTube Videos on iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 with Simplest Method

The recently launched Apple giants like iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4, really give us a shocking impression with its whopping features, ultra-huge display as well as gorgeous specs. These brand-new gadgets coming from Apple not only sparked customers’ interests in high-end smartphone and tablets, but also drawn people’s attention to their remarkable multimedia enjoyment. They all sports high-def wide screen with crisp video demonstration, Super A5X or A6X processor, and extra-long battery life, all these help to make them best of the art portable players.

Holding such marvelous devices at hand, giving up their fantastic video playback feature may not be a wise move. As YouTube is remarked as the world’s top-notch video-sharing website, it hosts a lot of live performances, TV episodes, film trailers, and HD movies perfect for watching on big screens. Sharing and downloading your favorite videos on this widely-recognized site and then transferring them to your precious iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4 for offline appreciation may rank as your best option. If you are looking for a practical and professional solution to get this job done, now you come to the right place.

Some users are itching to stream online YouTube or other website video clips with the stable WI-FI support. However thousands of, perhaps millions of people would more likely download them into their portable Apple devices aiming to get rid of the web limitation. On considering this, a cutting-edge software combo – Leawo Video Converter Pro and a powerful Leawo iTransfer can perfectly combined to fulfill your need.


Part 1: Download YouTube Video via Leawo Video Converter Pro

1. Launch Leawo Video Converter Pro and click “Download Video” (The red color section above) on the top menu bar to download a YouTube Downloader for using (If you do not have YouTube Downloader previously installed), or simply get into the main interface of a already pre-installed YouTube Downloader.

2. Get into YouTube downloader panel, enter online video URL to address bar or typing video keywords in the search box to find target video. Click “Save as” to begin the conversion mission in the appearing dialog box.
3. When you enter into Convert Settings frame after clicking “Save as” tab, open file format list and choose iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4 recognizable formats, say MP4, for converting. Do parameter settings if necessary.
4. Get access to video download and conversion status.

Part 2: Transfer Downloaded YouTube videos to iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4 via iTransfer or iTunes.

The online YouTube videos have been successfully saved to your home PC. Now you only need to transfer them to the target video players or devices like iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 for ultimate playing via Apple iTunes (iTunes compatible formats include MP4 MOV M4V etc). But a more effective and simpler way is to resort to a third party program – Leawo iTransfer, which is reviewed as the perfect software that can successfully transfer media files among all iOS devices. Steps are as simple as below:

1. Previously install iTunes and Leawo iTransfer, then Connect iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4 to your computer via USB cable. Open iTransfer to get into the main interface.
2. Position Target Files by clicking on the specific item under one of the options (Recommendation, Device, iTunes).
3. Right click on the selected media files to start to transfer files to your iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4.

When the transfer is finished, just have a rest and immerse yourself in that wonderful video playback environment leisurely.


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