Will You be That One? UI Translators Needed

Translate the software UI text to your own language is one of the best ways to achieve localization and the most important, to make you feel like home.

For most of the products, currently we have German, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, versions already translated from English, but we are looking for more languages that our software can be translated to, so the customers around the world can use it with ease.

Therefore, we sincerely invite anyone with language talent to either translate our English software to the foreign languages that already existed, and then to better it, or translate to some other brand-new languages that we never have before.

How to Help Us Translate

Translation for us is as easy as A B C and you can do it totally in your spare time. Here is the simple guideline.

Step 1: Prepare to translate.
Download the product which you want to translate its UI language, you can confirm the language menu to see if the target language is exist, if yes, we welcome you can check the correctness; if not, please just contact sales@leawo.com to ask the English source file for translation. It deserves to mention that you should contain the following content when contact us:

1. Your native language and the target language you want to translate to;
2. The product you want to translate and the estimated finish time;

Then, we will reply and send you the source file ASAP.

Step 2: Start to translate. 

Go ahead and translate basing on the non-localized file provided, just one thing, please keep the text format intact cause it should not be modified in any way.

Step 3: Check Your Translation.
This is the coolest and best part because you can actually and immediately check your translation work right in the program, to see whether your translation goes well with the software UI(length, size, accuracy, etc), just like taking a field trip. 

Generally, you can do is to put the finished translation file in the right program folder and then restart the software.

Step 4: Submit Your Translation.

Feeling good about your finished translation work? Submit the file directly to sales@leawo.com.

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