Enhancement Requests for v.3.5

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Enhancement Requests for v.3.5

Post by rico »

Am I correct to conclude that on a Mac, when the screensaver launches, all Tunes Cleaner processing stops?
My Mac has been finding artwork for songs without album artwork for three consecutive days (24x7). Granted, it's chewing through a LARGE folder, but it appears to make NO progress once the screensaver kicks in. I've since disable the screensaver, but I would prefer that the current job continues while the screensaver runs.

Tunes Cleaner is NOT finding artwork for a good number of songs on the first pass.
On the second pass, I would prefer that it ignores the songs for which it has already found artwork, rather than re-finding artwork that it already found on the first pass).

I would like to be able to configure Tunes Cleaner with the addresses of DIFFERENT album artwork databases to search (via Preferences).
The current database seems to find only about 60% of the missing artwork.

I'd like to be able to configure Tunes Cleaner to process more than four songs at a time (via preferences).
The four-at-a-time limit is only using about 10-percen of my late-2011 MacBook Pro memory (8GB).

When manually editing, I'd like to be able click on a single button to make Tunes Cleaner paste album artwork from one song in a given folder to all songs in the same folder, rather than pasting artwork from one song to the next (in the same folder) one at a time.
Is that possible?

Thank you!
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Re: Enhancement Requests for v.3.5

Post by leakeymore »


Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

Do you mean whenever the screensaver launches, Leawo Tunes Cleaner stops no matter on which step it runs?
We will certainly take them into consideration for future upgrades.
Thank you for your suggestion and feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
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