Blu-Ray Creator limited to 4 or 8 GB

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Blu-Ray Creator limited to 4 or 8 GB

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Having bought Leawo yesterday I tried to create my first Blu-Ray and everything seems to be working fine except one thing, although the software tells me that the 7 hour long movie will take 45GB of space, Leawo every single time creates a 36 minute video which is barely 4GB or 8GB big and just cuts off the last 6 ½ hours without me having edited anything. I am at a loss as to why the software wouldn't convert the whole length movie.
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Re: Blu-Ray Creator limited to 4 or 8 GB

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Thanks for posting on Leawo forum and sorry for the delay.

Are you able to play the source video completely for preview in Leawo? We also recommend you to use the latest version of the product.

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