Bluray Menu and Playlist not working

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Bluray Menu and Playlist not working

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hello community,
i have a problem with my leawo bluray player, i only play original blurays, no copys, rips etc.

i use
- Buffalo MediaStation BRXL-PT6U2VB as bluray drive
-Software: Leawo Bluray Player
- PC Windows 10

1. leawo does play all blurays no matter the region: problem: bluray menü does not always start correctly and whats far more important, the playlist is randomly mixed, ep 1-9 is not numbered 1-9, they are numbered 4-18 or something like that, (and ep 4 equals NOT ep 1, so theres no way to tell if title 4 is episode 4 or episode 9 etc.) the files are also not in correct order (ep1 on the top, then ep 2 and finally on the bottom ep 9), but randomly mixed...

2. If leawo starts a bluray menu, i can not click on anything with my mouse, can someone help me with the problems leawo causes?

i also made a snapshot of the randomly mixed playlist, but i dont know how to post it here on the forum...

thanks very much
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Re: Bluray Menu and Playlist not working

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Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

We forwarded the bugs to the programmers, they will follow-up and I'll keep you posted as to the progress.

Best regards,
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