No support for surround sound on Blu Ray??

General purpose for Leawo Blu-Ray Player
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No support for surround sound on Blu Ray??

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I have my 6 channels audio firewire interface in Windows XP connected to my active speakers, and I use this configuration to listen to surround DVDs and FLACs surround files.

I need the same on Blu Ray, does Leawo Blu Ray decode surround audio from commercial BD discs to analog multi channel output?

I tried with one BD and although I configure Speakers as 5.1 and Analog Out and my audio card as device, I only get stereo when playing.

Does this work (or not) on Windows and also on Mac? If I buy one license is it valid for one Windows and one Mac installation?
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Re: No support for surround sound on Blu Ray??

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Thanks for contacting us.

1) Leawo Blu-ray Player supports 5.1 audio. Please make sure this software you downloaded is the latest version If not, you can download the new version through the link below to have a try:

2) We provide both Windows version and Mac version for this software. But the Windows version cannot be installed on Mac, and vice versa.

Best regards,
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