Suggested Upgrades to Blu-ray/DVD Creator

General purpose for Leawo Blu-Ray Creator
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Suggested Upgrades to Blu-ray/DVD Creator

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I enjoy Leawo software as I've purchased several different programs from you all but I did want to offer some suggestions on updating the Blu-ray/DVD Creator software because in its current state, it is very limited. Please consider the following updates to the software.
  • Video Background for Menu
    1. 1. Ability to choose sections of a video and duration of the clip. Whether it's infinite loop or certain number of cycles.
  • Sound and Image/Video for Menu
    1. Currently you can only choose Sound or an image (Or still image from a video). You should be able to choose an audio file and an image/video file at the same time
  • Formatting Options
    1. Custom Menu - Ability to create a menu from scratch.
    • Create and delete elements - You should be able to resize (Drag larger or smaller), create, and even delete text boxes in the menu.
    • Additional Formatting Options - Allow for text background colors and text alignment/justification
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Re: Suggested Upgrades to Blu-ray/DVD Creator

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Thank you for the support in Leawo software.

Thank you for the good advices, we will certainly take them into consideration in later upgrades.

Best regards,
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