Suggestions for DVD to Apple TV

If you have tried our Video, DVD, or PPT converters, please give us some feedback, Thank you!
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Suggestions for DVD to Apple TV

Post by joepenora »

Not sure if anyone reads this...however.....

I bought the DVD to Apple TV Converter. Great program...... I have over 400 DVDs, the program would be even better if the program remembered your settings and automatically convertered to mp4 format every time you put a DVD in the drive, and it automatically ejected the DVD once conversion was successfull and also had an audio alert to let you know its done. That way I could put a DVD in, walk away, hear a bell sound swap the disk and it would automatically contiune.
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Re: Suggestions for DVD to Apple TV

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Thanks for your support in our software.
Our program could remember the settings. If you set the profile as MP4, it will be MP4 the next time you restart the Converter. As to your other suggestions, we will consider developing in the future. Since they'll be complicated, maybe it will take longer time.
Thanks again for your suggestions and best regards,
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