No album cover or song information

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No album cover or song information

Post by ericchilds »

Hi, I have installed Music Recorder on a machine. Streamed music records fine but I get no album cover and no metadata (artist, title, etc.)
When I try the same setup on other machines on the same network it works fine but not on the machine I need to use it on. It is a Dell desktop machine, i5, 4GB, running Windows 10 32-bit.

I have tried many random things but can't see anything that would prevent Music Recorder from getting the metadata. I have re-installed the application but no difference. Can anyone think of anything else I could try?! After 20 seconds of recording, instead of the album cover I just get a crying face saying 'oops no cover'.

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Re: No album cover or song information

Post by leakeymore »


Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

Sorry for the late response due to the long National Day holiday.

Please download the latest Leawo Music Recorder at the link below to use:
Please also make sure you checked Automatically get music info while recording in Settings. > Step 3

If the problem persists, would you mind to remote control? If OK, please contact us via Skype ( at 9:00a.m.~6:00 p.m (GMT +8:00) on weekdays. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
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