Unwanted Subtitles and Scene Narration in Copy

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Unwanted Subtitles and Scene Narration in Copy

Post by Markatroy »

I am trying to copy just the Main Movie of "The Magnificent Seven" and every time I do weather its to ISO or direct to a blank BD-R I keep getting subtitles and scene narration in my final copy. I don't understand why this is occurring since I have no subtitles selected in the software UI prior to starting the copy process. On top of that I have no idea why I am also getting scene narration at the same time. Any help from others would be greatly appreciated since I have already burned through 3 BD-R.
Thanks Mark
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Re: Unwanted Subtitles and Scene Narration in Copy

Post by leakeymore »


Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

As to the issue, please provide me with the information below for further analysis.
1. What's your source and output disc type, BD50, BD25, DVD9, or DVD5?
2. Which copy mode did you select in Leawo, Full Movie, Main Movie or Custom Mode?
3. Does the problem persist on other discs?
4. Please help us to find the source disc's purchasing link at www.amazon.com , we may need to order the same disc to test.
5. Please click top right Settings>Bug Report, follow the instructions to send us the Bug Report.

Look forward to helping you out soon.

Best regards,
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