Blurays still burning in Region B...WHY???

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Blurays still burning in Region B...WHY???

Post by Maestro666 »

I purchased 7 Blurays from Europe, all PAL system and Region B. All are released by the same company, all are last year's releases.
When I got these Blurays I began using my Leawo to upload them and then burn them onto blank Bluray discs and they were working perfectly on my Region A NTSC player.
I started with 3 and then took a break from it because it takes a while to upload and burn, sometimes over an hour for each movie.
A few days later (today) I continued with the last 4 Blurays....and then the problem started... When I burned the ISO file onto blank BluRay discs and put the newly copied discs into my BluRay player I got the following message:


What is happening???? Leawo was doing so well with breaking thru the region code on the first 3 Blurays, why did it just suddenly stop?
These blank discs are not cheap and I've already wasted 5 of them trying to see if they would come out correctly in NTSC.

Please!! Before I waste anymore blank discs.....what went wrong?
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Re: Blurays still burning in Region B...WHY???

Post by leakeymore »


Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

1. If you copy ISO file to disc by Leawo Blu-ray Copy, the copied disc can only keep the region code of the ISO file.
2. 1) If you copy disc to disc by Leawo Blu-ray Copy, please click top right Settings, go Copy&Burn, set Blu-ray Source Region Code to Ask before opening the disc or the one of the source blu-ray disc.
The output blu-ray disc of Leawo should be region free if you selected the right region code in Copy&Burn>Blu-ray Source Region Code.
2) If the problem persists, do you copy BD50 to BD50 or BD25? Which copy mode do you select, Full Movie or Main Movie?
3) Do you have another player to confirm the problem?
4) Please also take screenshots of the problem you met to
5) Please also click top right ? button to go Help Center, click Bug Report, follow the instructions to send us the Bug Report.

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
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