No Audio on copy (Blu Ray Copy)

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No Audio on copy (Blu Ray Copy)

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I just purchased Blu Ray Copy. I tried to make my first copy (from a blu ray disc that I own called walking Among the Tombstones). After copying the movie on Main movie setting, the video was fine but there was no sound when the copy was played on my computer. Also after I burned the copy to a blu ray disc, it still had no volume.

I know that when I selected the Main movie output tab have there was an audio box checked but I do not remember which box was checked.

Can anybody tell me why I have no audio on my copy?
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Re: No Audio on copy (Blu Ray Copy)

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Thanks for contacting us.

For your situation, please make sure the original bluray disc is not damaged or scratched. Then please choose the Full Movie and have another try.

By the way, during the copying, is there any error message? Please note that our products can’t handle Cinavia protected discs at present. Here is the link for your reference:

Best regards,
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