Sporatic conversions times

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mr bill
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Sporatic conversions times

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I have the blue ray ripper software and recently my dvd conversions have become sporadic. One try will net me 50 min or so of the movie , the next try will net me 20 and the next say 1 hour. this recently started, and I think it coincided with the latest update. Looking for help. I just use out of the box setting nothing special. If anyone can give feed back let me know.

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Re: Sporatic conversions times

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Sorry for the late response due to the New Year's Holiday.

As to your case, please make sure the original disc is not damaged and can play normally first. Then please try a couple of other movies to see whether the same problem still happens. If the same problem still persists, please make some screenshots to show us the conversion time issue for reference. That would be better for us to understand this problem better and help you work it out soon. You can send to this email and let me know: leawo.support@hotmail.com.

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