forced Subtitles. Problem solved.

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forced Subtitles. Problem solved.

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I used the Leawo Bluray Ripper to convert my DVD´s and Bluray to prevent damage by my child. I am using an PC (AMD Fusion Board, passive cooled) with OpenElec v2.99 (XBMC) installed on an USB-Stick.
I convert the DVD/Bluray Rip to MKV with the Leawo Bluray Ripper (using my Geforce 650 GTX Ti with CUDA-Encoding) (all settings high, bitrate auto).

for DVD´s I extract the forced Subtitles only with VSRip to an seperate folder. With MKVmerge I add the MKV (h264 encoding from Leawo Bluray-Ripper) and add the forced Subtitle-Track from VSrip. Activate the Subtitle-Track and select to force this track in the MKV-Structure. Now merge it together and you get an MKV with forced subtitle-track. Playing this with the VLC-Player or XBMC Mediacenter and it works.

Another method for DVD´s and Bluray (but it takes longer time) is using RipBot264. Add the DVD/Blu-Ray Rip-Folder (Ripbot264 demux and analyse the content). After this procedure Ripbot264 generated the Subtitles-Tracks in his temp-folder with the comment "FORCED". Merge this subtitle track (and set the force-Flag) with MKVmerge and the h264 encoding.

This method will only work, when the player can show the Subtitle-Track from the MKV-File structure. The subtitles are not burned into the video.

Hope this information will help.

Greetings ...

(P.S.: before I used Handbrake, but I still find Handbrake is slow via CPU-Encoding and the quality from the Leawo-Bluray Encoder is still better).
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Re: forced Subtitles. Problem solved.

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