Beautiful result but only half the movie?

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Beautiful result but only half the movie?

Post by trembox »

I demo'd the MacConverter on a 6 hour 15 min .mp4, converting to .wmv (for the PC family members)
The visual conversion was wonderful, the best of all I tried but... It only selected and converted the first 3 hours?
I was however so impressed with the result that I made a fatal assumption that the 'time limit' was a function of the 'trial' download. I compounded the situation by purchasing the program (I thought, it was late:) only to find that I had purchased the AVI version (which even when registered showed the same 3 hour limit ( and a lesser quality result) I have requested an upgrade but will the registered version of the MacConverter import and convert my entire 6.5 hour movie.
Thank you:)
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Re: Beautiful result but only half the movie?

Post by leakeymore »

When you try the Mac Video Converer, how does the origianl length show on our program? And does the whole video can be played successfully on the program? If it is also limited, we will send you a new copy. Thanks,
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