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Mac Video Converter

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All of my home videos (shot with a sony handycam) converted to mpg format. I wanted to use a tool that would combine and reformat these for apple tv, so I purchased the mac video converter. I successfully combined and converted a group of them, but was disappointed with the result....there is obvious interlacing. I do not see this at all when I replay the mpg on a pc monitor, and we have also (in the past) ripped similar mpg files to DVD and played them on the big screen without this issue. So, is there some specific settings that I can use to reduce/eliminate this? If I can't, unfortunately, the product is of no use to me as the quality is not acceptable if I plan to show it on a big screen tv :(
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Re: Mac Video Converter

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Thanks for your support in our software and sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please kindly send us one of your small MPG files to So that we could check and get a solution for you as soon as possible.

You could send via "Yousendit"(www.yousendit) or "Mobileme"( Of course, you could send via any other ways available.

Thanks in advance,
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