"Setup Files Corrupt"

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"Setup Files Corrupt"

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Everytime I try to download the free YouTube Downloader, it says that they setup files are corrupt and to get a new copy. I already deleted all the leftover folders manullay, nothing of Leawo remains in the computer, yet the error message keeps popping up. So how do I get a version of the Free Downloader?
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Re: "Setup Files Corrupt"

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Firstly, please make sure you have downloaded a complete installation file.

If you still have trouble in installing, please check whether there is something wrong with your OS. Skype used to have the same problem as yours, and you can refer to it at http://forum.skype.com/lofiversion/inde ... 54014.html.
To solve the problem, follow the steps below:

① Please reboot and purge the following folders, please make sure that "x" is your OS disc.
x:\Tmp if available
② Clear your Download Folder (desktop?)
③ At least delete manually downloaded Leawo Software-setup-file, including the files in "Recycle bin"
④ Reboot your computer.
⑤ Disabling VirusScan, download latest Leawo Software setup file again.
⑥ But now download to a different location than last time. Do not use default location.
⑦ Install Leawo Software to a different location than last time with a different name. Do NOT use default name, use "LeawoSoftware2" for example.

Any other questions, feel free to let us know.
Best regards,
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