Quick Update Not Sure How But thing Is Working Now Thanks

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Quick Update Not Sure How But thing Is Working Now Thanks

Post by joncaitlen »

Hi i registered yesterday as a full member over on the Putlocker site.. I Enjoy great films whilst using google chrome with no video acceleration so some times whilst watching my screen will freeze due to buffering then i came across leaow`video accelerator of which i would like to sign to the full version

My question is when i downloaded and installed the leawo accelerator for a while my viewing was superb no glitches or screen freezes no annoying ads it quite honestly does what it says on the tin. Until today..... Now my problem is when i load leawo and being a fully paid up member of Putlocker my homepage is set to Putlocker,,, Now all of a sudden leawo wont allow me to watch ad free films i keep getting the annoying popups???? but when i switch back standard Google chrome and sign in using that everything works fine add free perfect ....just the odd freeze here and there because of lack of video acceleration..Laewo free version did work for a while but all of a sudden its throwing the usual ads up at me. Even though when asked to sign in to my pucklocker account by leawo it allows me to?????? and recognises me as a full member of putlocker???

Like i mentioned earlier it was working fine yesterday but all of a sudden its now throwing ads up at me ??

Any help much appreciated guys

Quick Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its sorted itself out after a thorough clean using cc cleaner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont ask me how but its sorted now`guys thanks for those who read this
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Re: Quick Update Not Sure How But thing Is Working Now Thanks

Post by Kasey00 »

I have tried contacting the online chat support, which to be frank vidmate was pretty useless. I was online for an hour and a half talking to some guy who did not know how to help me, and actually gave me instructions which further damaged my applications and so I have had to reinstall everything again. I have also tried Creative Cloud clean tool to reinstall the whole package.
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Re: Quick Update Not Sure How But thing Is Working Now Thanks

Post by leakeymore »

Hi Kasey,

Thank you for posting on Leawo forum.

Glad to hear that Leawo works well again, and did you contact our online support skype: Leawo.support? Feel free to contact us online or send mail to support@leawo.com if you have any questions about Leawo.

Stay safe & have a nice day!
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