• Facing Christmas Decoration Predicament? Focusing on Here: Inspires Your Christmas Decoration Ideas

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    When Christmas season arrives, it comes to the highlight of everyone during the long hectic year. Xmas is the most important festival for people in all European and American countries. To celebrate this long-expected day, people will often begin to decorate their homes with Christmas ornaments one month in advance, pinning hopes on the bright future of the whole family.

    There are so many fascinating items with the approaching of Christmas which will distract your attention focuses on Christmas home decoration. When your neighbors’ houses have been almost fully decorated with Christmas ornaments, whether you are going to drag your attention back from those Christmas fascinating items and start to think about how to dress your own home for the upcoming grand festival? To avoid the hurry-scurry situation, let’s take a look at every separate room in your house that need to be dressed in Santa Clause.

    The Sitting Room
    Holding a big Christmas party and inviting all your friends to take part in it is an indispensable part in such a grand day like Christmas. A capacious sitting room is the place where friends get together and share happiness, so it is especially vital for you to create a cozy and festive atmosphere for your friends.

    The Dinning Room
    A dinning room is not only a place for tasting gourmet food but also a place for experiencing Christmas culture. In a dinning room with exquisite Christmas decoration, you and your family members can enjoy the yummy food as well as the have beautiful mood that is brought by Christmas. Thus, it is quite necessary to decorate it elaborately.

    The Bedroom
    When the shinning lights on the Christmas tree illuminate the whole city, you may not want to go out for Christmas Carnival but rather staying at home with your beloved. From this point of view, you should pay much attention to the decoration of your own space.

    Since you have got a general layout about the decorating idea, the most difficult problem comes to that how to work out the Christmas decoration plan within the shortest time. Try to refer to the Christmas decorating ideas on the Internet:

    Amazing Christmas Ideas & Christmas Is Coming
    There are a lot of Christmas gift and decoration ideas you can resort to. And some videos about Christmas decoration ideas from YouTube are also available here. If you do not have time to view so many videos on the Internet, you can download them from YouTube and transfer them to your portable players. By doing this you can view those vivid Christmas decoration videos anytime anywhere. Then the other questions will pop up: how can I download videos from YouTube and how can I transfer the downloaded videos to my portable player? Two smart helpers are needed here: YouTube Downloader & Video Converter. The first one can aid video downloading from YouTube and the latter one assist you in converting videos to any popular formats for playback on popular portable devices such as iPod and iPhone.

    Santa Clause is going to speed up his paces, hurry up to decorate your own house. I do believe that your Christmas decoration inspiration will be totally sparked after you get through all the videos downloaded from YouTube. So let your house welcome the advent of Christmas with a brand-new appearance. Merry Christmas, guys! O(∩_∩)O~

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  • Thanksgiving Day Necessity-the Best YouTube Thanksgiving Video/Movie Downloader

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    For every Thanksgiving Day celebration, a lot of new excellent movies or funny video clips would come to people’s eyes to celebrate the great Thanksgiving Day, especially on YouTube, the largest video sharing website in the world.

    Various classic and excellent Thanksgiving movies and video clips on YouTube vie each other to make your Thanksgiving Day celebration more enjoyable. Have not suitable downloading tools for all these attractive Thanksgiving movies on YouTube? Take it easy. Here, a most powerful YouTube video/movie downloading tool is highly recommended for YouTube video fans—the best YouTube Thanksgiving movie/video Downloader. With this best YouTube Downloader for your Thanksgiving Day celebration, not only can you have a tasty Thanksgiving Dinner feast, but you can have an exciting Thanksgiving video and movie feast also.

    The YouTube Downloader acts as both a video/movie downloader and simple website browser. You can directly search the movie or video you are interested in on the browse blank or after you have got the Thanksgiving movie/video address on YouTube.com and other FLV video sites like Google video, you can copy the address and paste it into the top browser blank of the YouTube Downloader for search. This YouTube Downloader would automatically find the movie or video you choose and then a small dialog box on the right bottom would remind you whether to download or not. Or you can select from the left video record to decide which one to download.

    Also, this YouTube Downloader performs as a FLV player for you. You can watch videos or movies downloaded just on the Video store of this YouTube Downloader, without any other players.

    And, if you have downloaded a Leawo video converter and Leawo DVD creator, you can directly convert the downloaded videos to other formats and burn the videos to DVD disc. It gives great convenience for you to playback your loved Thanksgiving movies or videos in future.

    What’s more, you can get more if you buy this Leawo YouTube Downloader during the Thanksgiving celebration activity. Not only dozens of hot free Halloween and Thanksgiving movies, but also lower price for you. If you always fan our Facebook, you might have a chance to get a free giveaway selected for you. The Thanksgiving celebration activities are being warmly put forward to all people to get a harvest Thanksgiving. For detailed information, please visit the activity page to get the latest news.

    Such a great YouTube Downloader for your Thanksgiving celebration with really cheap price during the Thanksgiving Activity. Don’t waste your chance.

  • Eight Best Movie Scenes at the State Fair

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    State Fair is on the go, some states are already reviewing the wild delight of the just-closed fair while others are looking forward to the upcoming revelry. State Fair attracts millions of people with its several-day celebration of delicious food, eye-opening exhibits, captivating entertainment and outrageous fun.

    However, can’t go to the State Fair this year? Never mind! Assuage your alienation from the delicious food and fragrant livestock by watching the fair scenes from movies. Here are eight movies collected for you to catch the scenes at the fair.

    Sunrise (1927): You will get one of the most enjoyable and romantic scenes ever to take place inside fairgrounds.

    Meet Me In St. Louis (1944): Enjoy the lights and splendor of the fair with the happy couple, right in their own backyard.

    The Lady from Shanghai (1947): … With unsavory references to the Black Dahlia murder, Orson Welles’ befitted his tense noir with an unforgettable sequence inside a carnival’s hall of mirrors….

    Charlotte’s Web (1973): … “A fair is a veritable smorgasbord.” Indeed.

    The Muppet Movie (1979) … Kermit and Fozzie Bear first ran into Miss Piggy at a county fair beauty contest….

    The Funhouse (1981) …  cheap-jack, town-to-town fair …. From the brokedown rides and the animal freakshows to “adults only” tents, this movie gets all the details right…..

    Big (1988) … The fortune-telling machine Zoltar turns up at a neighborhood carnival and changes a young boy into Tom Hanks…..

    Problem Child 2 (1991): The title-character’s merciless sabotage of a carnival ride leads to probably the grossest scene you’ve ever seen in a kids’ movie.

    Seven movies are enough for experiencing the State Fair scenes, however, it is a bit time-consuming and inconvenient to watch a whole movie on PC. A good solution is to take the movies anywhere for anytime enjoyment at your will. Then watching these movies on your portable devices like iPod and iPhone is the best choice.

    Well, all you need is a powerful video converter as Leawo Video Converter to convert the movies and transfer them to your gadgets, and then anywhere anytime movie enjoyment is what you get. Here is a video clip of Problem Child 2 (1991) converted by Leawo Video Converter. Enjoy it and download Leawo Video Converter to have a try by yourself.

    PS: You can download these movies with Leawo Free YouTube Downloader at fast speed and quite simple operation.

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  • Simplest Way to Watch YouTube Videos on Portable Devices

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    Problem: I will have a rather long car trip next week with my friends, so we would like to put some YouTube videos on our portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and Zune to watch. But the problem is that if we want to enjoy the videos from YouTube on our portable devices, is there a simple and easy way for us?

    Solution: Yes, here is a simplest way for you to watch videos on your portable devices. What you need is just a versatile mobile converter with built-in YouTube downloader. And there is a good recommendation for you: Leawo Portable Solutions. You will find your desired movie-watching solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP or Zune here.

    With the all-in-one tool, you can free download Youtube video, play YouTube video, edit and convert YouTube video to almost any portable devices such as iPhone 4, iPod, iPad, PSP, Zune and more. It can also convert DVD for your mobile devices to enhance your mobile video entertainment.

    Now this article will offer you a simple way to watch YouTube videos on portable devices.
    Take Leawo iPhone Converter as an example:
    Just download Leawo iPhone Converter to follow me.

    Part 1: Download YouTube videos.
    Step 1: Launch Leawo iPhone Converter, click "Video Download" button on the interface.

    Then you will navigate to the YouTube Downloader page, enter the target URL in address bar or press "Ctrl+H" to refer to our video site list. You can also type a keyword and search related videos on Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Myspace, AOL and MegaVideo via the search bar next to the URL bar.

    Then enter the video playback page as you do with IE browser. Choose a video to play and you will enjoy the video playback without hassles. The selected video will be downloaded to a specified folder.

    Part 2: Convert YouTube videos for your portable devices.
    When you have finished downloading YouTube videos, they are arranged in your output folder, and then it’s time to convert them.
    Step 1: Click "Add" button to choose the files you would like to convert. You can select multiple files all at one time and they will be displayed according to the processing order.
    Step 2: Click "Profile" dropdown list to select your desired format.
    Step 3: Select the output destination by clicking the folder icon of "Output".
    Step 4: Navigate to the "Customize" panel for some video editions and you can set precise parameters for your video.
    Step 5: Click the convert button on the main interface to start conversion.

    The conversion will be completed in a short while.

    Now you can have an exciting enjoyment of your favorite YouTube videos on portable devices. What’s more exciting is that Leawo portable solutions are on sale now, saving up to 40%. Have a try and you will have a cool mobile video experience on your trip in this hot summer. Have fun!

    More surprises await you here!

  • Movies for Hot Summer (3): Watch Movies on iPod

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    Hollywood has given uncountable exciting and interesting flicks and several upcoming Hollywood movies have created raves among the masses. These include "Possession", "Dragonball", "Tron: Legacy (2010) and so on. Tron: Legacy (2010) is a big name of Hollywood movie. It is about Sam Flynn, the tech-sawy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn. Sam looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years…

    There is official movie teaser trailer HD of Tron: Legacy (2010):

    Want to download this video fast and with perfect quality? A piece of cake! What you need is just a right Youtube Downloader, and Leawo Free Youtube Downloader stands out from the Youtube downloader software with its easy operation and advanced technology. You only need to make a simple click to free download it, and then:

    Step one: Launch the program, enter the target URL in address bar or press "Ctrl +H" to refer to our video site list.

    Tips: You can also type a keyword and search related videos on Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Myspace, AOL and MegaVideo via the search bar next to the URL bar.

    Step two: Enter the video playback page as you do with IE browser. Choose a video to play and you can enjoy the video playback without hassles. The selected video will be downloaded to a specified folder.

    You can also check the downloading information, carry out the flash video relevant actions, make some settings for the output video and so on. Click here to get detailed information.

    Ok, if you are an iPod user and want to watch this video on your iPod, is there an easy method to realize it? Here recommends a simple and convenient solution to convert video to iPod: Leawo Free iPod Video Converter. With it you can convert the video in a flick of time and then transfer the converted video to iPod through iTunes after it’s connected with your computer via USB cable. Check the iPod and then you can bring your movies anywhere and have fun at any time.

    WARM NOTE: For the iPod users, Leawo Free Youtube Downloader and Leawo Free iPod Video Converter is surely a perfect combination for downloading and watching movies including blockbuster of Hollywood movies on iPod. Just click intuitively and have fun.

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