• Christmas Gift Ideas: 4 Types of Well-chosen Holiday Gifts from the Heart

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    With Christmas getting closer and closer, besides of decorating your houses, another important thing upon your heart is picking up unique Christmas gifts for your relatives and friends. Christmas gifts in the market today are of multifarious varieties, so it becomes more and more difficult for you to select well-content presents from the sea of Christmas gifts. And I have prepared some Christmas gifts for you to choose. I am sure you can single out some gifts that suit your taste.

    The Practical Type: For People Who Are Close to You
    Scarves, gloves and hats which can convey warmness directly to the heart of the receiver in chilly winter are the most practical traditional Christmas gifts. For women, you’d better send them cosmetics or perfumes because women often focus on beauty. And as to men, you’d better present them with high-class watches or slap-up leather bags because men usually concentrate on quality.
    Strategy One: Scarf + Glove + Hat
    Strategy Two: Cosmetic + Perfume
    Strategy Three: Watch + Leather Bag

    The Creative Type: For People Who Jump on the Bandwagon
    The most precious gift does not depend on the expensive price but on the ingenious idea. A Christmas gift that is able to let the receiver feel your attentiveness and sincerity can be said the greatest gift. Mug with your image printed on can let the receiver remind of you when drinking water. Sending your Christmas DIY chocolate is just like sending out your deep affection. Furthermore, planning a trip on Christmas vacation for your beloved ones is also a good choice.
    Strategy One: Mug + Your Image
    Strategy Two: DIY Christmas Chocolate
    Strategy Three: A Fascinating Trip

    The Romantic Type: For People Who Are Dreamers
    The glittering and translucent crystal can be remarked as the best gift for boys to send to their girlfriends and it witnesses love between them. Dessert is an indispensable part of Christmas, making ginger bread house for your family members is a rather wonderful idea. If you want to express your love to someone then a romantic candlelight dinner with fragrant flowers and red wine will be your preference.
    Strategy One: Crystal Ornament
    Strategy Two: DIY Ginger Bread
    Strategy Three: A Romantic Candlelight Dinner

    The Fashion Type: For People Who Enjoy Digital Life
    Digital products are the most favored Christmas gifts nowadays. A digital photo album that can store lots of beautiful Christmas photos can be used to send to family members and intimate friends. iPod has been very popular among stylish people so you can choose it as a gift. And iPod Converter Suite (50% off on Christmas Special Offer) which can convert all videos to iPod compatible format is iPod’s excellent partner. For people who are fond of playing games, the new PSP Go must be their favorite.
    Strategy One: Digital Photo Album
    Strategy Two: iPod + iPod Converter Suite
    Strategy Three: PSP Go

    Dear friends, hurry up to select a Christmas gift and give your beloved one a big surprise. Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

  • Video Formats Comparison of Portable Media Devices

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    As a newbie of Portable Media Devices, we may frequently puzzled about the supported video formats of our Porable Media Devices. There I would like to list the video formats comparison of the common Portable Media Devices, so that we can better make use of our Porable Devices for enjoyment.

    Portable Media
    Devices Name
    H.264 ASF WMV DivX/Xvid MPEG-4 AVI QuickTime Otder formats
    iPod Yes No No No Yes No Yes No
    iPhone Yes No No No Yes No No No
    PSP Slim & Lite Yes No No No Yes No No MJPEG
    Zune Yes No Yes No Yes No No DVR-MS
    Apple TV Yes No No No Yes No No No
    ZEN No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No MJPEG
    ZEN Vision W No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No MJPEG
    ZVUE 260 No Yes Yes Xvid Only Yes Yes No No
    Archos 105 No No Yes NO No No No No
    Archos 405 No No Yes No Yes Yes No MPEG-2
    Archos 5 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No MPEG-2
    Archos 605 WiFi / GPS No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No MPEG-2
    Archos 705 WiFi No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No MPEG-2
    Cowon A3 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No MKT,MTV,OGM,VOB
    Cowon D2 No No Yes Yes No Yes No No
    Cowon Q5W No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No OGM
    Gigabeat T-Series No Yes Yes No Yes No No No
    GP2X F-200 No No No Yes Yes Yes No No
    iriver clix 2G No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
    Samsung T10 No No Yes No Yes No No No
    Samsung P2 No No Yes No Yes No No No
    Sansa Fuze No No No No No Yes No No
    Walkman NWZ-A810 series Yes No No No Yes No No No

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